2 year MA programs in ID with engineering undergrad

Are there any MA programs in ID that someone with a bachelors in engineering could get into that are only 2 years? I’m looking in the USA.

I don’t think there are any 2 year programs without a previous design education. Georgia Tech’s graduate ID program takes engineers, but it is a 3 year program.

If the goal is to be employable as a designer, you probably want it to be 3 years.

I know you said in the USA, but there is a 2.5 year (expected time for those without previous ID education) program at the University of Calgary, in Canada, that says they accept engineering graduates. 1.5 years would be spent with course work in the faculty before taking on a Master’s Degree Project in the final 9-12 months.

Art Center’s bachelor program can be completed in a little under 3 years- many students there have a bachelors degree of some kind already too.