2 wheelers

Noticed that i rarely sketch for fun these days. I fired up my tablet made these.

Cracking !
Inspired by a certain Laverda?
What Software - Hardware Combo do you use?


Truth to be said I used underlays for proportions and some details. Cant remember what bike the first one was. The third one is a Exobike redesign (http://exo-bikes.eu/eng/Features).
Software - PS. Hardware - Cintiq wx 12.

@svensson: Awesome.
I like your Exo design…headlight mount detail is just beautiful…
you are going to fire up … more tablets here

Sven, those are HOT!!!

wow amazing 2 wheelers


These are all superb!

Very inspiring :smiley:

Fantastic sketches Sven!


Amazing! great inspiration

great stuff!

these sketches are still hot. Anything new?