2 Shot Molding, IMD, Back Paint or Vacuum plate?

I have a translucent / clear plastic part but I need one side to be opaque.

What is the most cost effective way to achieve this? Back paint it? Two shot mold it where one side is opaque plastic?

How about in mold decorating it so one side is covered with a thin opaque film? Or vacuum plating?

Any advice would be most appreiated.

Forced trade-off time: What’s more important?

Less expensive part cost, or less expensive tooling costs?

Lower part cost is the priority.

It’s pretty much a flat plastic part with 2 screw bossses and about 5X3 inches. with a 2 mm thickness.

I jsut need one side to be opaque. I was thinking back painting at first and then came upon 2 shot or imd methos…jsut some way to block out one side from transparency.

Are you looking for someone to mold this product for you and come up with a solution? Please let me know.

Aaron Hirschmann - President
Plas-Tech Engineering Inc.

I would make one side frosted and the other side clear. Its not opaque but its not transparent either. Its also a low cost option.

We’ve got it to a mask and paint operation. Doing more xotic methods was more expensive than needed. Simple painting was the most straight forward way to go on a automatic spray line.