2 shoe designs [first post/first attempt]

Hello everyone.

This is my first attempt to draw a shoe. I know it’s nothing special comparing to most of great works on the board, but I thought I’ll contribute something.

100% vector in Illustrator.



Hey man, glad to see you here. I was the one on Sole Collector that suggested you check this place out. I think you will really like it and get some really great advice, especially from YO (Michael DiTullo) and rkuchinsky (Richard Kuchinsky) who are both professional footwear designers.


Hey man, thank you once again for the link.

nice pen drawing, i will leave the render critique to the usual suspects…just make sure you get the swoosh the right way round

Sorry, no time for a full critique, but quickly:

1>> Really like the proportions of the first design, very nice and sleek, I’m not usually a big fan of all vector stuff, as it usually looks stiff, but your work has a graceful fluid feel. Very nice.
2>> al the swooshes put a damper it for me, you only need to have 1 in any 1 view, personally, I don’t like more than 2 on an entire shoe (all views combined) it is globally one of the most recognized marks, no need to over do it…
3>> the last one (grey/white/yellow)the proportions got away from it a bit, if it was reshaped into the proportion it would look great.
4>> all of these could use that next level of small details to push them further, also I would like to see some functional thinking in terms of flex, upper patterning, fit, heel stability, ankle support…

Thanks for the referral Don Pablo, the more the merrier, it is always great to see some very good work like this.

Its great I can sea someone from Poland who design the shoes:)…
tenchu my advice is to listen advices of guys from forum.
keep working man