2 part plastics?

Hi guys, i am need of some 2 part mix yourself plastic recommendations, I need to cast some parts to make a prototype and i would like a recommendation for a semi-flexiable, similar in properties to pp or pet in terms of strength. Ideally i want something which i can mix and mould at home for a prototype.


First, do a search on this forum for urethane, casting, mold making, etc.

Then check out: Casting Thin-Walled Parts

Then look through;

Cut to Size, Polycarbonate & Acrylic Plastics : TAP Plastics?



If flexablility is really necesarry for your parts i’m not sure which way to go, but i use por-a-cast or tap plastic’s quick cast a bunch and they both work great - standard 2 part urethane casting resins with about 5-10 minute cure time.

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