2 for 1: azk2 vs. azg2

my submission for this month’s kicksguide theme was a 2 pack, i was going for a confident sleek looking shoe to match kobe and contrast it with a more sturdy type of shoe for king james:

azk2 features- thermoformed cage contruction, “floating” free visible zoom air, internal compression bootie/sock-save for a few things, i am pretty satisfied with this one…

azg2 features-foamposite rearfoot cage, forefoot flex panels-needs some more attention, but i like it as a starting point…

i hope to polish these up and post them as more “complete” projects, so give me your opinions people



Nice work man. Personally I think the top one is fresher and walks a nice line between futuristic (cradled mid foot) and wearable (toecap) The layout is a bit confusing though. I would fade the medial view a bit more to push it into the background so the lateral can be read easier. More later… gotta run…

agree with Yo- move forward with the kobes is def fresh look.

comments made on KG:
“I like where your going with the new direction (the kobe). The layout is dynamic and the color blocking in this update I feel is more successful, be nice to see it also in the colorways of the teams each of these players plays for. One thing to think about from here is the logo placement. Your nike check on the lateral view is maybe pushing the envelope but maybe not something that would happen, and then your kobe logo on the vamp is a bit dark and think could be re-positioned to be in harmony with the design. I like seeing how you push a design past the deadline of a theme though, this is what its about.”

“i not sure what you mean about the swoosh, what is wrong with it”

what I meant with the nike logo on the lateral view is how the logo is being covered up a bit. I made blue circles over the areas am talking about. many times with logos there are strict rules on its usage. I am sure Yo or J Carter can tell us more…


be easy


very strict rules around the swoosh. Can’t obstruct it, can’t make it functional (perf it, make straps go through it, ect…)

^ok that makes sense, will change

I don’t see it as a big deal, not in a concept project in a portfolio, but some people trip on that kind of stuff for some reason.

Looking good, loving how you’re presenting it. The new boards with the 2 shows crossing each other reminds me of a samurai duel as they both come in at the same time and parry each others strike. How would you update the design to not break the swoosh territory rules? I’d almost see it being a much smaller subtle logo how the jordans are done. So that this brand is recognizable by the styling cues so it doesn’t need to have the nike sign blaring. How can you have conistant samurai kobe lines without having to put up a sign saying it? That could be interesting to explore, say 3 variations all recognizable as different samurai kobes but strictly from the design cues.
Anyway, good work…(and get some subtle emboss stuff going with that stitching!)

it was totally unintentional, but i see that. with the logo to keep it on the upside i was thinking of 1) just moving it 2) flipping the lateral to media & vice versa…i thought about having a discreet logo but having the oversized logo is better because the way it is almost like it is cutting into the shoe, and also it is kind of old school. Since it is only his 2nd “official” nike shoe i thought the having a really prominent logo was fitting…got give this a little time to marinate, then it might be cool to go through different variations and see what it is

I wouldn’t spin on the logo too much. It does look fresh. On the Samurai thing, replace “unintentional” with “subconscious” or “serendipitous”

oh but of course, that is what i meant, totally serendipitous!

with logos in general, is it the case that the rules are explicitly given, or is it the you never know until you use it the wrong way type of thing?

Lots of times the company has a handbook or set rules governing the logo. Things like no part being covered up, no other graphic elements within 1/4" of it, certain color combos allowed, details on embossing, etc. Basically ways to control the logo to make sure it stands out in a way that represents the brand image correctly and doesn’t turn into wallpaper or gimicky looking things.