1st shoe render

here is my first ever photoshop shoe render…i really had no certain direction i was trying to go.As far as the shape goes, i just traced an existing shoe…i wasnt concerned with anything else but trying to make the shoe look real…i think i did ok…feedback would be appreciated

The picture doesn’t show up for me.

From a rendering standpoint, the proportions look off. I know you traced a shoe, but often this can be misleading. The rendering itself gets a Little muddy. Try rendering the entire shoe as a single form, and then going back into it to pop out smaller details. FORM before DETAIL always when rendering.

From a design standpoint, I think it is missing the who, what, where, when, how and why? It seems like this is more of rendering exercise, but having a clear idea who would use that product, for what, when should guide the design. Without a clear set of objectives, it is hard to judge your own design outside of subjective opinion.