1st Portfolio attempt

Hey guys I am just looking for some feed back on my porty, its my first go so let me know what you guys think could be changed…thanks


it will be a cool teaser… but portfolio…nah. You need to show thought process, it’s one of the hardest thing to do too.

Your pictures/layouts are great for a printed-format but for web-based content your better to stick with some ‘simpler’ pics that tell you instantly what the product is about. People are lazy they don’t won’t to read. especially on the internet.
Pick the best work you did in a project and use that. There could be a sketch-page, prototyping, 3D,…all off different projects. Thus you can show your skills and show the diversity of the projects.

But that’s nitpicking. I think your portfolio is quite nice :wink:


For my taste, way to much text, way to few memorable design imagery. Take a look at Atohms’ portfolio, it is full of very memorable pages.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’m going take it back to the drawing board and see what I can come up with.

I see that you’ve made some big changes (erasings?).
Don’t change to much. Just make sure your idea/presentation is clearly ‘readable’.
As I’ve said before people are lazy and have short attention span.

Looking forward to the update(s)