1st Job

Hello Core folk

I just to update every one with my progress since leaving uni:

Back in January of this year I replied to a advertisement for a junior design position with First Brands, after the making contact I managed to get a interview at Hi-Tec design HQ.

After a two hour interview I felt that I was in for a great New Year with a new job and asked to come back for a second interview with another member of the design team. After the the second interview I felt that I would be perfectly suited for the job, and belived it would give me a platform to start to develop as a footwear designer and being to learn the ropes of the customers and buyers needs.

However the job was put on hold due to recriutment complications, and luckily managed to land a temporary job with Fred Perry as a Technical product developer, working with the AW07 & SS08 footwear lines. I was working there for over 5 months learing the in’s and out’s of the sealing process and technical aspects of the footwear buisness.

Up until nowI was working as a freelance designer developing new ranges of footwear for Firetrap and Bench Clothing, designing comercial footwear ranges with the advice and help from head buyers.

I really cant explain how much effort and time has gone in to finding and nailing down this job.

I just want to scream it out to the whole world “I HAVE A JOB” because it is maybe the lowest time i have had in my life, not knowing if its worth carrying on with this passion that i have.

I will keep the forum posted with developments

Mr Hotmix “employed”


Fantastic. That is wat it’s all about.


Congratulations, Hotmix. It’s cool to see you shouting it out loud too.

thats cool man…
fred perry’s proabbly a pretty cool brand to work for too…


I’ve been getting tugged around for over 2 months now, and while I know I “have” the job, I’m still stuck waiting for phone calls and paperwork…will proably still be another month or so before I can actually start working.

Hopefully it’ll all be worth it and I can shout along with you. :laughing:

fair play Reuben, you really deserve it.

Say hi to Graham for me

Are you based in London or at HQ

it is about time! congratulations!!

I always knew you had ‘it’

Say hi to ‘Glamam’ for me too, <my god what is this business, like, we all know each other?>

Many many thanks to all,

It has been a long road to where I am now, but I feel like all the work and effort have paid off.

I did my 1st day on Thursday last week, i got to grips with there spec’in process and all that jazz. They have just recieved a big breif from a supplier that is worth around £3milo so its really important that the work and the samples are the shizznit. I have been set the task of completing around 5 new outsoles by the end of next week. Then I will be off to over see them in China in around Oct.

Its really exciting its all new and i hope that i will stay enthusiatic at all times. Its not being creative in terms of creating new concepts of footwear but its going to lay foundations that are going to give me a platform to work from.

I will keep you updated :smiley:
as ever

congrats dude.

congrats. so you are with Fred Perry now? are they part of a group that does licensee footwear for Fred Perry and other brands, or is it in-house?


Thanks you MD & Richard

Im working for First Brands a side company form Hi-Tec, more value end than anything else, but hey im not complaining its good pay and great design atmosphere.

I know that its going to be a great place to finally set down and start to graft a career from, learn the stuff so I can go on and take Yo and Richards job…

Yeah right.

All the best

cheers Yo for the heads up i was trying to keep it as minimal about details as poss.
Boss im sure would agree with you.