1st Car sketch/rendering what went right/wrong? HELP

Hey everyone this is my first attemp at drawing and rendering a car. Dont really have an artistic background and I feel im paying for it . Lots of feedback both negative and positive would be awesome! Thanks

If you’re new to art and design, stay far away from the cars for now. Start off with much simpler objects to learn the basics of perspective, line weight, etc… Draw things on your desk, your monitor, stapler, pencils and pens, when you get better you can try your swoopy mouse.
I have over 10 yrs of professional design experience and I can’t really draw cars that well, and I know others like that also. Going for cars with little experience is like going to your first boxing class and having to go against Mike Tyson full contact and bare-knuckle!
So start with the basics and do some research on perspective. At the same time, do some line control drills so that you can learn how to put a line exactly where you want it (knowing perspective in theory does nothing for hand sketches if you can’t control where your line is going).
Draw every day, do those drills every day, and check out tutorials here on core and the scott robertson gnomon videos. Good luck, welcome aboard.

Start small…look at a good sketch and start noticing all of the details that go into it. The quality and weight of the lines, the perspective, the shading, etc.

Cars are the most difficult thing you can draw, so as a starting point it’s very very difficult to improve.

Learn how to draw some killer boxes in 2 point perspective and focus on learning to control your hand so you can draw straight lines without a ruler. Once you’ve start to trained your hands you can start combining and sculpting your boxes into objects.

start with some of these

and work your way up

best of luck

if you dont even have any artistic background, then ever cubes that are correct and good will be hard.

Good thing: your trying, and welcome to sketching.

Bad thing: its just not that good right now without the basics.

-don’t render, especially digitally right now ( I was given the exact same statement even though I worked on my basic for a long time already )
-look at different exercises and how people draw, try doing overlays of good drawings… its tracing, but it helps.
-start from the right spot… which means simple exercises.