1HEB - The One Hour Elbow Bender (Beta)

OK, let’s do this. The One Hour Elbow Bender has begun:

This is a 100% sketch exercise. Visualize a product in 1 hour or less. You can take a bit longer for scanning and composing the sketches in pshop. But no added text or sketches once the hour is up.

There is no prize. Just discussion and an open environment for posting your work to get feedback and work on your quick ideation skillz.

Topic: Water Bottle for 4 - 8 year old Girls

To avoid confusion, post all images and discussion to this thread.

I will close this off around lunch time (PST) next Monday.




Interesting challenge! It´d be cool to see more of the sketching process from people (even though 1 hour goes by very quickly and doesn´t really give time to get much past a “throwing every idea - crazy or not - down on the page” stage). Below is what I got out - being aware that the timer was on maybe left the sketches a little less detailed/explicit than usual, and with some erratic panicky lines, but the rapid method was fun! (Took me back to Art Foundation course, where we drew figures in 30 seconds for practise). I got interrupted a few times, so my thought process wasn´t totally continuous. I also spent 10 minutes at the beginning doing a brainstorm (text and visual) to get the brain juices flowing.

Comments welcome:

I am doing a happy dance. This is great stuff.

How about a little bio too? Are you in school? Professional?

I love that the time challenged you a bit. That’s the intention. It shows in your work. Loose. Free. Unhindered.


What no prize, not even a t-shirt. Okay, well I can’t resist a design challenge. I kind of borrowed the kidrobot’s form and thought it might make a pretty cool bottle. It’s kind of a bottle/buddy/bear.

Sketch is composed of sharpie and prisma markers on tracing paper (doesn’t scan very well). Time: just under an hour.

I skewed mine a bit younger because I went to brunch with some friends (and their 2 year old) and it just got me going. I wanted to sketch up some simple designerly forms, that are

1> Easy to hold
2> stable, tip resistant
3> possibly east yo clean
4> visually simple and sculptural.

I didn’t have a lot of time, these took about 20 minutes, prisma pencil on scrap copy paper… they were fun though… maybe since I have some time left over I’ll sketch up some that fit the target age group.

Cool - thanks very much IP_W! Dancing´s always good…

Well, I´m professional - have been a designer since I graduated in 2004. I´m now living and working in Barcelona, where I´m working for a transport design company. (A link to my Coroflot page is in my profile).

I´m always keen to grab tips from people about improving my sketching and techniques, so it´d be good to see what people are up to! I know there´s a sketching thread already, but to also see how people approach the same brief is interesting.

Nice work Yo - loving the pencil. IP - you gonna put something up here?

Yes, i intend to…especially considering I have a 4 year old daughter :wink: I had it in my head that I can’t/shouldn’t post like in the 1HDC. But considering there’s no prize I can/should post to this.

BTW…for the Elbow Benders I think I will keep away from closing them off. Keep them open for anyone to add to at any time.

I missed this last week. Sketched this before I left work. Boys have had canteens forever, but give it some storage pockets, and it’s also a purse. What little girl doesn’t want a purse?

I look forward to doing more of these.