1HDC - Where are you?

I noticed there seems to be fewer 1HDC these days, or am I crazy? The last one ended in Sept.

It would be nice if Core had more of these challenges. THe prizes don’t even have to be big, or anything at all really. It’s just nice to have a quick challenge and also see how others do it as well. I think one or two a month would be good.

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Dunno where they are. Sorry bro.

Got an idea for one?

Design a bag (backpack, messenger etc) for an art student. Remember they may be on the subway or bus, or walk, or ride a bike. It should be able to accommodate an imperial size piece of paper.

Judges: Me and Madeline Hoyle (from Blicksbags)

Prize: knowing that you’re awesome and others have to admit it to you, also an addaboy (or addagirl).

Time limit: 60min

Deadline: Feb 1


Isn’t there a whole thread dedicated to ideas for 1HDC, 9 pages of ideas.

c77 has been tinkering with a new competition platform. It is fundamentally different to the 1HDC though. My personal POV on the 1HDCs is that they are topics… any one can start a topic so anyone can start a 1HDC. You will have my support. Make the brief, post a topic and the deadline, and I can help you to close the topic when the deadline passes.

How would you all feel about making it more organic and fluid like that?

I’d love to do a sketch 1HDC around the Chrysler 300 :wink:

If you’re offering up the judging and the prizes( :wink: ), set up a thread and go at it. See Yo’s response above on the future of 1HDC.

NURB: Alright.