1HDC v1.1 - Winner!!!

Congratulations to Zoiee who has been crowned winner of the 1HDC v1.1 - Bag the Plastic Bag.

We liked the overall approach to the solution zoiee presented. It took a multi-level approach to the solution. It suggests reduction in materials through usage of tape to hold veggies together. It isn’t asking for a full paradigm shift in thinking.

The second approach was a clever mechanism for keeping a reusable bag nice and compact. The reversable coin-purse that holds the sack is clever. Again, it isn’t attempting to change the world through a paradigm shift.

We want to thank everyone for their entry. There were some excellent ideas and hopefully we will see all of you again.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to how we can improve the 1HDC in future versions.

hey…thanks everyone
am happy that my idea was understood well and hope it does not remain just an idea.:slight_smile:

zoiee…I sent you a PM. Please check it out and get back to me ASAP.


Well done Zoiee :smiley:

Hey Zoiee…

Well done man! congratulations… great work! superb presentation!


Congrats Zoiee!

Thanks people:)
it was fun.

do you mean that u tap the VEGES and put in the BAG you design ?

Nice solution. Congrats!

zoiee happy for you