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This is the 1HDC v1.1 Discussion Forum. We’ve axed the voting section and opted for using the discussion forum to allow you the opportunity to voice your opinion for who should win, provide critique for participants, and general discussion surrounding the topic of how to eliminate plastic bags.

Good luck to all who enter!

Cool, ill be sure to start this when I get the chance.

For the one hour time limit, is that supposed to be from start to finish - brainstorming all the way through to presentation?

Or, is it acceptable to do some advance brainstorming, and start the hour with an idea already as to what exactly you are going to do?


Design - Start to finish. 1 Hour.

Explore your concept. Visualize your concept. Present your concept.

This isn’t as much about flushing out a fully realized design concept as it is about a quick brainstorm session. Pushing your ability to visualize and communicate your ideas quickly and clearly.

Think about it in the shower, on the toilet, or wherever first. I don’t have an issue with that. But once pencil starts hitting paper…1 hr.

Okay, that’s what I figured.

Thanks for clearing that up. :smiley:

dont tell that to zippy :wink: he’ll come pounding up yer a$$ breathing fairy dust.


By designing an effective solution for eliminating plastic bags you can help keep people in Tanzania out of jail!

National Environment Management Council (NEMC) acting Director General Bonaventura Baya told a news conference in Dar es Salaam that the convicts were found selling plastic bags with thickness below 0.03mm which is against the law. Mr Baya said the traders were nabbed on September 6, in a swoop conducted by NEMC following reports that people were still using the banned plastic bags. He said 16 traders were arrested during the operation. Eight traders were arrested in Kinondoni, six in Temeke and two Ilala. “When they appeared before the court eight traders from Temeke and Ilala pleaded guilty. They were immediately given three-month jail terms. “Those who pleaded not guilty were remanded after failure to secure reliable sureties. The case was adjourned to Friday,” Mr Baya said.

Are we designing a solution that deals with the excess plastic bags we have now (I.E. a big plastic jumper made out of recycled bags), or a new carrying device to substitute for plastic bags (Once you go hemp, you never go back) ?

That’s your call. No criteria around how to address the problem.

I’m definetaly going for this one, even though I am an ID student for only 6 weeks now. I’ll try to use what I already know and what I learned! Hopefuly I can finish everything in an hour!


I am looking forward to seeing what people (you!) can come up with. Its moving a bit slower than the last. I wonder if its the topic or people are just busier…or???

i think i’d like to get in on this, but i am not quite sure what the aim should be;
solutions that take the place of the plastic bag or one which makes use of the plastic bags that exist already…e.g. an alternative to the plastic bag vs. a machine that turn plastic bags & converts them to cotton candy?

Definately again going to enter, time wise with work is always an issue. Must admit upon first reading the breif it was a little confusing as to which angle to attack it at, this might why it is taking a little longer to get submissions. Where as the water one was failry straight forward, a method to save water. This one is a little more openeded and think maybe people are biding there time till they come up with a killer idea.

I agree that the solutions aren’t as obvious for this one. Which is definitely part of what interested me about this one. Kind of like the IDEO shopping cart from a number of years back, someone could redesign a reusable bag…but there has surely got to be some other solutions out there.

hmmm… could be the topic is a little obscure and not so fun.

also the huge wait between the last one that had so much momentum likely didnt help.

given that most people i’d assume throw an hour to this after work, during lunch, or between real paying gigs, i’d think that you’d get better turn out if it was something more fun that could be sketched or designed without as much “thought”.

not saying it should be merely a styling exercise, but coming up with completely new solutions to huge global problems is kinda pressing (and depressing) to do in 1hr.

sometimes design can be good and still simple. i’ve never found a good toaster for example, and would kill to design a better iron. either of which for example could be something to do in 1 hr with a few sketches and a bit of clever thinking about the use/user. starting from scratch like the bag (and to some extent the water thing) is just is a lot to ask for, and you also seem to end up with not so hot submissions that are focused more on the solution than the “design”, presentation, sketch that i would think could be the focus on the 1hdc exercise.


alright, i’m ready to post my idea but the “submissions only” topic wont let me attach a file.

It says “Sorry, but the maximum filesize for all Attachments is reached” when i am posting a 100k size file.

is anyone else having this problem?

You’re the second person that has mentioned that.

I will look into it right away.

Thanks for pointing it out!

I to was having this problem and ended up linking from my flickr account. It wouldn’t accommodate an upload of less then a mb.

Is it just me or is jknodell’s concept not actually visible?

in all fairness, i wanted to bring up that I saw the EXACT same thing that kWeber put up on a segment of Martha Stewart this morning.