1HDC - Topic Suggestions


Time devices for people who may have something making a typical wrist watch not really an option.

USB flash drive

a USB flash drive would be fun. I keep seeing a really goofy “Ducati” USB drive by Sandisk in TigerDirect’s catalogue. There’s a million stupid possibilities…maybe one shaped like a pigeon with the USB sticking out its bum?

Nice concept man, I was thinking of going a more subtle route, with two round attachments for the base to make it free standing … after all it is called a USB dongle… :unamused:

How about a 1HDC based on this topic:

(my comments not withstanding)

maybe revisit an old design slam, and do it on napkins???

enviro-friendly artificial christmas tree?
Should not look fake and should have some aspect of “Green” either in the source material or end-of-life.

This. Although I would like to see a criteria that is more interpretive than that of making it not look fake, it would really open it up to some cool materials and technologies.

Suggestion: Modular shelving system for a highly mobile person, changing jobs, college student changing housing, etc. Considerations should be made for transporting goods within the shelving unit while making the move, and comfortably carrying the units with possessions in them. Other considerations could be made for flexibility of arrangement and possible uses.

this one came up in class, so i would like to elevate it to a 1HDC suggestion!

suggestion: Three Components of a kitchen (appliances) they should be standalone, requiring no cabinetry or separate systems besides a plug, and maybe a water source. They should be clearly from the same family, and considerations could be made for expansion, how well they fit together, etc etc etc.

How about a snow sled… Could be tons of fun…

A sled sounds awesome, so many ways you could take it.

many ways but mostly down hill

I am not typically into this topic, but I figured I would throw it down…
I always think the microwave is a significant challenge. :bulb:

It’s probably the most common every day devices that we take for granted.
The components are relativeley simple - A Magnatron, a turntable, and interface, a door, a vent.
With great ideas come great improvements…

Cost targets for low to high, recyclable to green. Take your pick.


My favourite class during Uni was concept design, in which we had to “design” (to concept stage) and comunicate the idea with an A3 board. Could this be a basis for the competition?

The next challenge should take-up redesigning this Discussion Board…I think we can all agree its a bit graphically challenged for a design site. :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: Lets take a shot at designing relaxation footwear i.e. flip flops, sandles, crocks, loafers we can get crazy with this

Chew on it, let me know what you think


Two ideas inspired from the Core Blog:

Take a buzzword table like this and design the product that matches what you select. Like a rubberized 12-ply bamboo milk frother.

  1. I like the Nokia headphones inspired from songs. Maybe we could do chairs based on the movie character that would use them or something?

Now that sounds like a killer contest, do it!