1HDC - Topic Suggestions

I am always trying to figure out how to improve the 1HDC. Moving forward I would like to get forum feedback on subject matter you would like to see covered in future versions. We’re hoping to have something that carries with it some meaning, not just a hundred renderings of a sneakers. But I am feeling that “change the world” topics like bag the plastic bag is a bit much for a 1 Hour sketch session.

Suggestions, thoughts, etc. would be much appreciated.

something i remember you saying in your original 1 hour design challenge post is that it “forced you to focus on the form”

i think perhaps sticking to challenges that are dominated by their challenge in form would make for less of a daunting task, and probably more fun.

i rememeber your original - the baby-rattle\teething ring… although i don’t recall (or if you setup) the challenge you setup for yourself, but i could imagine it being as vague as “Design a toy for a child under 12 months” or as specific as “design a teething ring” or “design a rattle”…

i’ll think about this. This really seems like it comes down to Defining the problem type of stuff…

I personally found it difficult due to the grand idea of the save the world from plastic bags. It was very tough to come up with a product, to me it seemed more devoted around systems.

The beauty of Cookies one was that essentially it was a bucket, and the beauty of the pierced it one this time round was that it was a single bracelet.

So a topic which lends itself to these sort of solutions is probably more ideal. Something which u can focus more on the initial new product development and styling. So therfore ending up with probably more fun and creditable ideas, which could lead to greater things. I dunno aout anyone else but i found seeing countless ideas on re hashing bags quite tedious to read. It also may of led to the quite poor presentations this time round. Mine included.

J and yourself hit it on the head by saying its a 1hour sketch session, which is surely about exploring forms, so more form orientated problems would be the better way to go.

Would it also be possible to keep the continuity going of the competions running, because the last one was great and steaming along and it all came to a grinding halt. Maybe come up with 2-3 titles in one ago, and sorted out prizes etc… so one could roll on after another, even though initial one might take a while to start up it atleast gives u guys then another 3 weeks period to sort out next 2-3 etc…

Either way it goes keep it up IP your doing a great job.

alright ip, thought about it for a bit…
let me articulate it this way…

please do not do:
cell phones

  • we’ve seen it…

but… lets do things like this
home printer
camping stove
powertool for the young female market (there was a good ramble about this topic a while ago)
public transportation
shit cutlery!
assistive devices for the elderly walkers…

i dont know how else to describe the types of things that would be fun and interesting to look at… but there you go.



We’re on the same page.

what about a “product” which communicates something more deep than just 1 story, 1 purpose?
why not something SCHIZOPHRENIC
a product which has multiple meanings, allowes multiple usage.
it maybe sound easy, but THE WORST DESIGN IDEAS E V E R (!) tried to combine 2 things
e.g. “the extenable car”, the vacuum cleaner with coffee-machine and so on

the challenge is to make a small evolution or a product which hides it´s evil side (funny side …)
clever ideas with a lot of room for surprise (where success and complete failure are very close)


Maybe we should really narrow the project by having a product category (ie printers) and a theme (ie printers for zero g). It would be like a vacation to design something for a fantasy world. Plus, it would encourage more creativity than the more results oriented save-the-world design challenges.

the challenge is to make a small evolution or a product which hides it´s evil side (funny side …)
clever ideas with a lot of room for surprise (where success and complete failure are very close)


The problem with the last one was that on the whole it wasnt easy. Youve only got one hour and racking ure brain for 30minutes giving ureself a headache isnt fun.

914 had a good suggestion

Keep it to a specific catergory and a theme i.e:

( Hair Dryers ) (For amputees- the arm area)

Whilst the above to some may sound funny, on the serious note how do arm hand amputees use a hair dryer? That is open to loads of scope.

Whilst you could then throw in everynow and again some fantasy ones such as the

(Printers ) (In space)

If one competition takes roughly 2 weeks to run its course. 1 week to submit. 1 week to judge that means 2 a month.

Thefore plan the next 4 in advance.

so wk 1 (Printers) (Zero g) - Prize new pair of converse
wk2 (Hair dryers ) (for amputees) - Prize gdd hair straigtners
wk3 (Intrsument) (for muscians not carrying an instrument) - prize watch
Wk 4 (Home energy) (to let the home owner kow how green they are) - Prize lava lamp

That would then sort you out for 2 months, allowing plenty of prep for the next 2 months and thus keep the continuity of it going. Even the prizes arent ipods or wii’s im sure people will still enter, i personally would as its all about the challange and the notion of others picking the winning entry. that to me is more valuable than an ipod.

plenty of prep for the 1h design challenge :laughing:

green/sustainablity themes are good. Something that would influence/effect a large number of people is good. Fantasy stuff could be fun but not very productive or important. Don’t shy away from the hard stuff either.

aright, not shit cutlery… shit! do cutlery…
i destroyed that idea… lets make spoons… poop spoons!

What does everyone think about this:

Creating 1HDC as a 2 tiered event. Once a month have a larger, bigger picture Core77 sponsored gig. Just as the last 3 have been.

In between have 1 week long “Elbow Benders”. A 1 hour (30 minute?) sketch session. Pick a topic and style away. Nothing more than a bragging rights/practice session.

What say you?

sounds like a plan

Sounds good to me. I think it would be cool to focus on some simple, everyday objects, like writing implements, or shavers… something so simple, with so few parts, that it is deceptively difficult to design and bring something new to the genre.

sounds awesome…

sounds great, be goood to see what other people can bang out in a 1hour 30 sketch session

I have two ideas for 1 hr challenges:

  1. Ebook reader (ha!)

  2. Human being. I was watching a show on “intelligent design” and I thought…what would a designer do?


what about that black oil from x-files…very minimalist design.

I’d like to see a 1HR Design Challenge for an Handheld Danger Detector. Something that warns you when you are in a dangerous area or something similiar.