1HDC beta - Results

The 1HDC beta version wrapped up and we are about to fire up generation v1.0. Before moving on to the next verson I wanted to do some house cleaning and properly acknowledge our previous winners and participants. A big thanks to everyone who submitted a concept. I believe this has a chance to be a lot of fun. The more people we can get out for this the better. So, hopefully you will be inspired enough to submit again and coax some of collegues to join in as well.

Congrats goes out to DrivenD for his winning submission of an Indoor Hot Dog Grille. For his effort he won himself a pair of Blu Fom Shoes.

2nd and 3rd Place went to Brian Mullins for his desk lamp and RUNROBOTS for his pocket framer. They’re both now sporting a brand spaking new Core77 Tee shirt.

Thanks again to everyone for participating as well as contributing your thoughts to how we can make the next generation a success.