1HDC 13.01 - Character Design [Submission Forum]

Design a Character for your favorite Book, Video Game, or Movie/TV Show

Monday February 18, 2013

We all love us some Sci-Fi. We all doodle characters and robots based on Star Wars or Blade Runner. Maybe creatures are your thing. A dragon from Game of Thrones or LoTR? What’s the character for your next children’s book? We know you have more in you than another watch or soccer boot. Show us what you got!

Discussion forum moderator(s).

Designs will be judged purely on subjective opinion of the judge(s). Minimum entry will be 1 8.5” x 11” page of thumbnail sketches, and 1 8.5” x 11” rendering of the final character design. The 1HDC is about your rapid visualization skills in conjunction with a fun topic. Good composition, line weight, and rapid concept development will weigh heavily in the final design.

Participants must execute their design in only 1 hour, based on an honor system. Remember, you’re posting to a pile of peers who know what is possible to be done in an hour. To enter, upload your entries to the designated competition forum.

To discuss the challenge and the entries, visit the 1HDC discussion forum.

Bragging Rights and front page Core77 blog post recognition.

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Paul Atreides- Dune

Now, that I reread the brief…maybe this doesn’t fit so well. Oh well

I think it’s fine. This is about characters, doesn’t have to be a robot. I was also considering a practically ‘tech-less’ character.

I think it fits just fine. Let’s be straight…the “rules” here are loose.

This is supposed to be fun and a chance to stay loose doing something a bit different from the norm. The rules I put out on this are to allow me the opportunity to split hairs when I have 4 or 5 good entries to choose from in an otherwise purely subjective situation.

These are some characters done in less than an hour for my fav video game guildwars2. Guildwars2 is an MMO for gamers of all types but my fav thing about it was the unique pvp combat, and of course the amazing character designs shown all over tyria. Since this game is all about fantasy and mid-evil times I decided to go organic like the plants, and the amazing hylek creatures which inspired the design of the creature with the lollypop in his mouth. The other creature is some kind of goblin like fairy forest spirit.

Here are some M&M’s character sketches I did a while back for a chocolate mold design. Probably about an hours worth of sketching here.


Dude, that’s just not fair…appealing to both my love of comic characters AND my favorite candy in the world!

It is fun when I get to sit down and do work on these projects. The Mold is actually on shelf at this season. I will see if I can snap a pic.


Crap! I have to stop breaking the rule of discussions in the submissions folder!

Crap! I just did it again!

uncertain gorilla…will try and pick a theme for a few more…

Hi everyone!

I choosed Adventure Time for my entry. It’s such a nice and funny tv show. The drawing’s style can be seems as pretty “naive” or childish but it’s incredible creative and I really like the universe and the atmosphere of the show.

I tough about some character that would be sort of an Ice Princess, sleeping under the mountain of the Ice King. She could be the real master of the penguins or something like that. :slight_smile:

I decided to sketch some funny long-ish head with a sort of Russian bonnet. She’s not evil, nor good. I couldn’t decide.
The lines are actually pretty difficult to “catch” because you have to express a lot with so few… Don’t make me even start with the spaghetti arms… :open_mouth:
It took me just a bit less than an hour. I had fun doing it. :wink:


I’m sorry for speaking in this thread as well, but I can’t resist – I love Adventure Time and your Ice Princess!!

This is my character Fred, The Zombie Bunny. He likes carrot brains.