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Winter is Coming! Part 1

Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday, October 31, 2011

First came J.R.R. Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings. Then Gary Gygax upped the ante with Dungeons & Dragons that had pimply faced teens around the world gawking over the Monster Manual and other fantasy artwork. Now we have G.R.R. Martin and his epic Game of Thrones which has just garnered Peter Dinklage an Emmy for his role as Tyrion Lannister.

All epic fantasy, whether it is a game, book, or TV show is full of imagery that includes fantastic armor and weapons. Shields, gauntlets, helms, and halberks are just dipping a toe into the waters of what the imagination can begin to explore.

This month’s 1HDC wants you to take an hour and design a piece of armor or a weapon that will be used to reign terror over the enemy!

Here’s some inspiration in the form of a helm, worn by Sandore Clegane (aka The Hound) in G.R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones TV series:

Jon Winebrenner, OneOak Design, Inc & Creator of the 1HDC and the Core77 Editorial Crew

Designs will be judged purely on subjective opinion of the judge. Minimum entry will be 1 8.5” x 11” page of thumbnail sketches, and 1 8.5” x 11” rendering of the final design. This 1HDC is more about your rapid visualization skills in conjunction with a fun topic. Good composition, line weight, and rapid concept development will weigh heavily in the final design…the judge will also consider bribes.

For a bit more insight as to the thoughts and intentions of the 1HDC, read this description of what the 1HDC means to the creator of it: What is the 1HDC?

Participants must execute their design in approximately 1 hour, based on an honor system. To enter, upload your entries to the designated competition forum.

To discuss the challenge and the entries, visit the 1HDC discussion forum.

Bragging Rights.

All of the above will be published in the Core77 Newsletter and get blog coverage on the Core77 main page.

Here’s some great inspiration!

Slow Friday, so took 3:15pm to 4:15pm to sketch up a few concepts. I was only interrupted for about 15 during the process. I have been meaning to enter 1HDC for awhile. I really wanted to enter the Super Soaker 1HDC.

I don’t know if I can enter again since these are just style sketches not really functional concepts . If I can enter again I might enter a more thought out functional concept.

Here you go:

greetings from the east !!!

I always thought the the imp was such a brilliant man and needed some serious equipment to make it count in battle. Here is one suggestion. The STILT BLADE uses his disability to his advantage. Now you dont want to mess with the imp any more.


Som sengupta


A Song of Fire and Ice based idea, based upon the role of the Hand of the King, with some other ideas on the sketches (first) page.

(Sorry they’re only linked, they were too big otherwise)

My first 1HCD (which I’ve been planning to enter before) and I love Game of Thrones so I though I should.

George Thorpe

I really like the “hand hilt” George, great symbolism … but it begs for another one on the scabbard so that when the blade is sheathed the hands are “shaking”, as in a peaceful gesture.

Maybe the whole suit should fall into this theme, along the lines of the character Emporer Colm Feore’s three-faced helmet in Chronicles of Riddick; fierce, ever vigilant, all-seeing, etc.


@George: I agree, very neat idea for a hilt. It reminds me a little of a unique Czech mace style of the 1400s:

Thanks for the feedback all,

@Lmo , I did consider using another hand on the pommel in a fist, but I decided in the end it was too much. I like your idea of the hands shaking on the scabard, but I can’t really see any way of it practically working. I also like the idea from the Chronicles of Riddick ( I havn’t actually seen it myself, I feel now I should) but I also don’t want the imagary to be overwhelming, so I don’t know, I’ll have to see if it works.

@Robbie_roy thanks for the feedback, and I love the mace! very iconic and stylized.

So thanks, I’m really pleased at how positive the things you’ve said have been, I really appreciate it. :smiley:
George Thorpe

Hey guys, I’ve never done this before so I’m not sure if I’m “doing it right,” but I’m in the process of designing a set of armor that is designed around nature (and bones and skulls–life/death play?). The main material will be wood and bones instead of metal! I did some 5-10 minute sketches of pauldrons that I’ll base my final armor feel around.

Ignore the writing on the top…I was in class. :frowning:

EDIT: Final render is now attached.

Apparently The Others have gotten all of the entrants for this month :wink:

This was my first time properly doing a 1HDC (although I have been practising using closed ones before now) - quite a challenge!
My concept is a blade that pivots around the elbow, allowing use both in attack (pretty straightforward) and defence (to block oncoming swords etc).
Time was 59mins on my tablet laptop, plus an extra few mins adding the colour to the thumbnail page. Let me know what you think! :smiley:

Full size is here: http://www.hywelvaughan.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/1hdc01.jpg

Full size is here: http://www.hywelvaughan.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/1hdc02.jpg

My first 1HDC. A headpiece with Japanese Samurai/modern trench warfare inspiration.
Muji gel ink pen 0.5mm
Copic warm grey markers


I am a big fan of the tv series Game of Thrones. I always wondered what a Targaryen dragon rider wore on his dragon mount into battle… I used good old fashion pencil, ad marker, and felt pen.

A one hour concept of a winter motor bike suit with fur inner lining.

Hey guys, this is my first post and first design challenge on Core77. I chose to design a piece of equipment that is also a weapon. It is a shield with steel blades attached to the end that are good for counter attacks. The blades are placed in such a way that one can catch an enemy’s weapon and potentially disarm them. The shield itself is big enough to deflect attacks by wrapping around the forearm yet small enough that it is not unwieldy.

I had a great time designing this and I’d love to come back to these sketches and render them in more detail. Please critique me! I’m a sophomore in Industrial Design and would really appreciate the feedback.

I’d say it took me about an hour to complete and around ten minutes to put into photoshop, adjust the levels, and submit. About 35 minutes ideation, 10 minutes to find a coolish pose, and fifteen for the final sketches. I didn’t have time to marker or anything unfortunately. I have to run to class so I apologize if the file sizes are messed up or anything. They might be too big.


Hey All. Just posting something quick. Had Drogo in mind for this. I thought that he would stick his enemies with it and bleed them into the cup portion…then he can drink from it!! He seems very ceremonial about his combat, so I thought of imbibing his enemies blood.


That is some pretty badass Samurai work!! I like the modern traditional mashup. Good work.

Thanks! Appreciate the compliment!

We’re going to lock this one down.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter.