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Super Soaker Fun

Wednesday, August 3, 2011
Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After a bit of a hiatus from the 1 Hour Design Challenge, we have decided to bring it back in a manner that many (in the Northern Hemisphere) could relate to about now. With the heat of summer bearing down on us, who doesn’t like a good water gun fight? Even better than that, who doesn’t love a good Super Soaker fight?

So, we’re lightening things up around here for the month of August and asking all our Core77 peeps to put pen to paper and design us the coolest Super Soaker known to Man.

Jon Winebrenner, OneOak Design, Inc & Creator of the 1HDC

Designs will be judged purely on subjective opinion of the judge. Minimum entry will be 1 8.5” x 11” page of thumbnail sketches, and 1 8.5” x 11” rendering of the final design. This 1HDC is more about your rapid visualization skills in conjunction with a fun topic. Good composition, line weight, and rapid concept development will weigh heavily in the final design…the judge will also consider bribes.

Participants must execute their design in only 1 hour, based on an honor system. To enter, upload your entries to the designated competition forum.

To discuss the challenge and the entries, visit the 1HDC discussion forum.

Bragging Rights.

All of the above will be published in the Core77 Newsletter and get blog coverage on the Core77 main page.


I go away for a couple of weeks and suddenly there are some awesome submissions into this Month’s 1HDC!

I am glad to see that getting back to the basics has sparked some interest after a far too long hiatus.

There was a question in the forum regarding when the doors will close. Reality being what it is, I will be closing the doors on this when I arrive in the office on September 1st. If I happen to remember to do it before I go to bed on Wednesday…the doors will close somewhere around 9 or 10 PM PST…I am located in Vancouver, BC.

I am going to hold off closing this down until tomorrow AM.

So, if you’re wanting to get in a last minute entry, you have until about 9 AM Pacific Time.

Here are some deas for you to sketch.

Pump pressurized “keg” of water that 4 Super soakers hook into. Could be like a 50 gal drum that rolls sideways like that water transport for the developing world that won all kinds of awards.

Roll around “oxygen tank” filled with water…

A water balloon maker that makes water balloons the size of one of those exercise balls

OK, go.

Entries are closed…thanks for the great run out to this month’s 1HDC.

Realistically, I won’t get to the judging until next week.

:slight_smile: Was sketching some mecha style characters and decided to convert it to a Supersoaker warrior. Thought you guys might get a chuckle… appox 2. 5hrs

The winners have been announced!

Congrats to Waikit, this challenge’s winner along with the runners up, fedE21us and vespaw!

See the announcement here:

Woot! Thanks a lot, what a honor to win this prize here.
Btw, @masterblaster: that’s an awesome piece of art!

I just joined the forum and thought it would be fun to try the challenge even though I’m way to late… Its good practice and I want to be better at sketching… So here is my 1 your concept… Not enough time to draw everything I thought I should but it was fun!


Isaiah Coberly
NewPencil inc.