1HDC 10.03 - Gestural Interfaces - Submissions

Gestural Interfaces
(or Everyday Objects as Interfaces)

May 5, 2010

May 31st, 2010
11:59 PM PST

Digital interfaces, while compelling and empowering, drive us towards a flatness that’s disorienting and boring. We’re losing the richness that makes the physical world so compelling. Worse yet, we’re replacing intuitive interactions with poor substitutes in our effort to make everything ‘fit’ on screen.

This 1 Hour Design Challenge invites designers to come up with a meaningful counterpoint to the all-in-one interface of the screen. You are tasked with creating a simple but engaging interaction that does not rely on a screen for input or output. You are free to appropriate an everyday object or to create a unique piece of geometry, but your solution must invite the user to interact with information or their surroundings in a way that encourages discovery while delivering an element of performance.

For example, in the diagram above, flipping over a chair switches an ‘open’
sign off.

What if you could turn off your reading light by simply closing a book?

What if your pen became heavier as you wrote larger checks?

The best solutions combine object, ritual and context. What will yours be?

To learn more about the inspiration behind this challenge visit Teague at http://www.teague.com

Participants must execute their design in only 1 hour, based on an honor system. Upload sketches, diagrams or hi-res photos and a brief text description of your design to the designated submission forum.

Winners will be selected by Core77 along with Ben Collette, Adam Kumpf and Tad Toulis from Teague.

Judging will be based on degree of innovation, strength of concept and ambition of idea.

First place winner will be awarded an Arduino kit and Teague will donate $500 in their name to NPower Seattle.

Second Place winner will receive a $500 donation in their name to Project H Design from Teague.

Please use this forum for SUBMISSIONS ONLY

Here’s a credit card that gets more jagged the more you use it! Be sure to pay it off before it becomes so sharp that you can’t even use it (without special gloves, sold separately).

This one is a couch that activates itself when it feels more weight. When you lift your legs your weight goes and concentrates on your hip, so the couch senses there is more weight in the back than in the front of the seat and it rotates its foot stand and back so you can relax all day.

an entrance door for a shop that looks like an exit door. an escape door from the present world.

Reap the benefits!

::: the door gets locked when lid is open, and occupied sign becomes visible outside. that will make sure you leave the lid closed.(that if u want to unlock the door) and if u are not going for number 2 i dont care :imp: ) :::

I did not notice the other toilet project :unamused:

This is an object to control light intensity to be hanged in a room or mounted on a wall, it is approximately 60 cm long.

User manually extend it to get a lighter space or the opposite to get it darker (modify the wavelenght).

This is so duh, I’m sort of bewildered that it’s not a standard thing.

If you remove the remote from its spot on the coffee table, the TV, stereo, and whatever device the remote is linked to all turn on, and the lights dim automatically. If you replace it, they all shut off and the lights come back on.

Could use RFID or something similar to make sure that it’s actually a remote and not a stray tortilla chip. Could use a battery instead of cables & keep everything wireless. The gesture is the same, though: Pick up the remote to watch something, put it down to stop.


Hopscotch unlocking interface.

Get aroused and this system will help you seal the deal.

Great assignment!

Here’s my submission, enjoy:

I wanted to do something with the ritual of leaving your house. My idea was to have a relationship between the lock of your front door and the lights inside your house. When leaving your house (and locking the door) you may have thoughts like “did I close the gas?” or “did I turn off all my lights?”. With this solution it will be impossible to lock your front door when there’s still light(s) turned on in your house. You will have to turn off all the lights to be able to lock the door. And if there’s someone else in your place, there’s no need to lock it in the first place :wink: Also, it will only work when trying to lock from the outside, not the inside.

In some cases this solution might be undesirable, e.g. keeping lights on for safety purposes, or when you’re simply in a hurry. But, it will definately make you more conscious of your energy usage. And, you will be reassured that indeed all lights are off when you can lock your front door!


…lighting for personal workspaces ,…

One day I forgot to turn off the gas, and it kept on burning all night long… I guess the solution should be pretty logical : nothing on, no heating : more security, more energy efficiency.

The second concept is more focused on intuitiveness : you should know how how strong is the heat without looking at the little numbers on the vitroceramic, and I think the classic interfaces are not really user-friendly (slow in changing the heat, not very responsive…).

Hope you’ll find it interesting!

Used in the hospitality industry and set to a national standard
The Tipulator calculates the percentage of tip the customer will leave based on a 5 star rating.
For example:

1 star = no tip
2 star = 5%
3 star = 10%
4 star = 15%
5 star = 20%

and 2.5% for every half star

The Tipulator holds the receipt like a standard bill book and then based on the star rating given the Tipulator calculates the tip. It then prints a total including the tip with a star rating on the receipt.

This can then stream to an online review site giving the restaurant a true up to date review.
This design is partly touch sensitive however, could be entirely touch screen with a thermo receipt printer incorporated reducing paper consumption.

Thanks for the interest
Hunt design…

Interface based on natural tendency to hug things when afraid.

This is a concept to avoid those occasionally awkward moments at the end of a meal out. Trying to flag down an already stressed or nonchalant member of staff to get your bill.

1. When the customer(s) sit down a candle is lit, a nice way to begin I think we’d all agree.
2. The customer(s) have their meal as normal.
3. When the customer(s) want their bill they blow out the candle symbolising the end of the meal, alerting the staff to this fact in a poetic gesture.

This could be as sophisticated as you like. The staff could keep an eye out for the tell tale smoke which appears when a candle is extinguished, or at the other end of the spectrum, a thermally sensitive component could be installed in the candle holder which communicates wirelessly with the restaurants tills, automatically printing the cheque to be delivered to the satisfied punters on a silver platter.

Here’s what I came up with in 5-10 minutes for the 1HDC. I will try using the 50 left for other Ideas. It is self-explanatory, you can’t leave your room without turning the lights off.

The evident physical obstruction makes the user aware (I definitely hope so) and invites him to think in terms of causes and consequences.

I was intially thinking to install a floor tazer, but hey, the whole goal is to save electricity no?

CliC CliC CliC !!

CliC CliC CliC !!

Done in 57 minutes.