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1 Hour Design Challenge: Emergency Shelters

January 27, 2010

February 28, 2010

Pop-up shelters have been a favorite exploration of designers for a long time, and in light of the earthquake in Haiti and the necessity of creating short-term emergency shelters, this 1 Hour Design Challenge invites designers to create innovative and appropriate pop-up shelter solutions. Your designs may be specific to Haiti or generalized to address emergency shelter needs across various contexts. We’re looking for simple, effective and appropriate design interventions.

Upload your images to the discussion board and provide a short text description. (3-sentence MAXIMUM.) You can use sketches, renderings, storyboards, cartoons, stick figures, or diagrams to explain your design.

In the spirit of all 1 Hour Design Challenges, the work you post must be original for this competition and be completed in 1 hour maximum.

Judging will be based on inventiveness, utility and appropriateness.
Core77 will donate $500 to Architecture For Humanity’s Haiti Earthquake Support Program in the name of the winner."

You might want to clarify this is supposed to be done in ONE HOUR (assuming it is, since it’s a 1HDC). All the entries so far look like old/existing projects done in way more than an hour.


I was just thinking the same thing. Those projects are VERY well done, but obviously done in much more than 1 hour.

We’ve just added a note after the 4th submission explaining the time limit and originality requirements, and made a clarification in the top posts under “Time Limit.”

I’m going to work on one, if for no other reason than to give an example of a ONE (1) hour solution.

@blck, nice page! fun concept! I was wondering if you were going to throw one down! You always do such great concept pages like this.

@steveboynton Nice page!

Carl, the image is not showing up for me.

@ADD, noce one man. I like how the slats make shelves inside. Super easy construction.

thx yo

and yes…love the simplicity of the latest ideas.

Makes me wanna do another one :wink: Maybe

by yo » Fri Feb 05, 2010 3:50 am

@ADD, noce one man. I like how the slats make shelves inside. Super easy construction.

Thanks Yo…
I am always impressed with simplicity of the cardboard designs & superb structural capacity/stability when interlocked .
& yes…they are cheap,lighter & environmentally friendly…

@RWM, Nice entry. I like how it is kind of like a convertible car top. Simple to pop up. Nice.

Dear Sir
I am industrial designer based in England.
I have not used this site before and can’t figure out if this is the right way to upload entries for the Emergency shelter competiton.
If it is here is its description.
This project was done in just under an hour and is a fabric dual layered air dropped design to keep the insides cool and allow air movement.
Kind regards

Thanks Yo! Had fun, I might try my hand at another before the 28th.

Atohms, I dig that concept. Very fun. Reminds me of the backyard tubes I used to crawl through when I was kid.

Thx :wink: Yes that is basically the idea


Athoms: Definitely like the idea of it popping out of a box! Like the emergency slide on an airplane.

Thx .)

@MichaelKilbane Nice! Props on the paper model!

Thanks Michael, it turned out better than expected. :wink:

I love it when that happens!