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The Most Ideation Design Sketches in 60 Minutes!

August 4, 2009

August 30, 2009

Run to the closest printer or copier, grab a small stack of copier paper, and show us some ideation love. Yup, it’s as simple as that–create the most number of ideation sketches in as many angles, forms, and scribbles of a single subject of your choice. If you love shoes, sketch ‘em. If you’re feelin’ it for cars, we want to see those. If you’re into cellphones, gadgets, gizmos, fashion, or accessories, have at it! We’ve all seen these ideation pages populating your Coroflot portfolios; now’s your chance to prepare a stunning array live with the kitchen timer set to 60 minutes!

Sketch your best pages onto letter-sized sheets of paper (yes, you can go digital also, just have your board be 8.5” x 11”), scan 'em, and post 'em to the 1HDC submissions forum here: http://boards.core77.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19601

Winners will be selected by Core77 Admin. Quantity counts here of course, but so does beauty–you’ll want to create the sexiest, most compelling set of ideation sketches possible. Community discussion is encouraged to help ensure that the best designs win.

Judging will be based on sketching and design excellence, focusing on form variation, sketch quality, and composition.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place designs will be featured in the Core77 Newsletter, on the Core77 Blog, and gain bragging rights heading into the Fall of 2009.

Good Luck!

HA! I did this page just today and uploaded it to my 'flot page minutes before coming here and seeing the the 1HDC. Took around an hour but I was not timing myself so I can’t be sure, your call i guess. I’ll do another one later just to be safe :slight_smile:


hover unit form search. made by b2p 05 pilot pen and some highlighter, then clean and minor changes in photoshop.
original sketches in blogger

I will be submitting more entries.

I wasn’t planning on posting these, as they were more warm ups thinking about this, but it’s been so slow, I had to put something up. I know it’s summer, but grab a cold drink and tickle some paper! :stuck_out_tongue:

(these were done in sketchbook pro, 15 minutes for the first page, 30 for the second)

Micron sketches of cars.

Tennis sketching
I will be submitting more sketchs coming soon :wink:

EDIT by Moderator: The 3 images below are 3 SEPARATE entries. Each page was completed in under an hour.

Heres another one, timed this time. Took just under an hour (57min)

also it seems to be cutting my images off a bit so here are the links to see them in full:


not exactly ideation sketches, but lifedrawing. I’ve been attending a “racy” lifedrawing session lately (billed as “not your gradmother’s lifedrawing!”), and this is the result of an hour at the last session.

the total was 1 hour. top L to right, the individual sketches took 25, 6, 15, 8. Plus if you like you can count 6 minutes for the compilation in PS (nothing more than arranging them on a page and tweaking levels).

Hope this isn’t too “adult” for anyone out there. If so, just lemme know and I can take it down no prob.


Here is another entry. Some form ideation on a backpack for rock climbers:

Here is another submission:

Not a full hour, but thats all I got!

MTB petals…

Had to blast some very quick wheel sketches - very fun!

I’ve been thinking about the Deka Research/GM collaboration for awhile on their P.U.M.A. concept. I think this thing could be cool, so I decided to spend my hour sketching up some options. First image is what they have now.

I spent 30 minutes sketching thumbnails, then sketched up 2 of them a bit a bigger with the remaining 30. I think I will render up the right concept on page 2 tomorrow.

Sketched in SBP and formatted in Photoshop. Approx 55 mins. Thanks.

Here is my contribution. I took the first object in front of me (a pencil sharpener) and tried to re-design it!


tried to doodle out the hardest object for me to sketch which is bike saddles…hope to get some more in

Biomimicry space shuttle doodles…1st hour… will do some more soon