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The Most Ideation Design Sketches in 60 Minutes!

August 4, 2009

August 30, 2009

Run to the closest printer or copier, grab a small stack of copier paper, and show us some ideation love. Yup, it’s as simple as that–create the most number of ideation sketches in as many angles, forms, and scribbles of a single subject of your choice. If you love shoes, sketch ‘em. If you’re feelin’ it for cars, we want to see those. If you’re into cellphones, gadgets, gizmos, fashion, or accessories, have at it! We’ve all seen these ideation pages populating your Coroflot portfolios; now’s your chance to prepare a stunning array live with the kitchen timer set to 60 minutes!

Sketch your best pages onto letter-sized sheets of paper (yes, you can go digital also, just have your board be 8.5” x 11”), scan 'em, and post 'em to the 1HDC submissions forum here: 1HDC - 09.08 - Ideation Sketches - Submission Forum

Winners will be selected by Core77 Admin. Quantity counts here of course, but so does beauty–you’ll want to create the sexiest, most compelling set of ideation sketches possible. Community discussion is encouraged to help ensure that the best designs win.

Judging will be based on sketching and design excellence, focusing on form variation, sketch quality, and composition.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place designs will be featured in the Core77 Newsletter, on the Core77 Blog, and gain bragging rights heading into the Fall of 2009.

Good Luck!


Whats the number of sheets limit? is it just one board?

No, this is about as many HIGH QUALITY design sketches you can crank out in one hour. If you can do 10 pages of great sketches scan them all and submit them.

But go for QUALITY over pure quantity. If you did 10 pages but only 4 of them are awesome, only post the 4 awesome ones.

Sketch ONLY ONE SUBJECT…if you choose cars…stick with cars, etc.


I don’t mind your life drawings at all. I went to art school and drew my fair share of saggy old man balls. I’d much rather go to your class :smiley: sounds like fun, do they serve champagne?

ha, alas, no champagne. but they play some pretty good tunes.


c’mon people, I want to see some more entries… it just takes an hour to set aside! :exclamation:

i would but you don’t like photographed stuff :[

ill submit a bunch when i get a scanner this firday

Who said we don’t like photoshop stuff?

photographed. i dont have access to a scanner so i take pictures and it ruins the sketches.

'tiss true… I’m pretty frugal when it comes to my supplies. I don’t get the latest and greatest computer, or tablet, or even markers, because they don’t matter much. I’m of the belief that Tiger Woods would have a better golf game than me even if he played with potato on the end of a tree branch, and thusly, what pencil I use doesn’t much matter…

7 years ago I bought an inexpensive ($99) Canon scanner, it is USB powered, very slim and after 7 years still works fantastic. This is a great investment, as so far it has amortizes out to $14 a year so far… Get one. This is a necessary tool and you will have it years longer than your computer or printer.


i found one of those usb canon scanners at a resale shop for $2 a few years ago. It was like new and works to this day. Those canon scanners (LED light, USB powered) are small, easy to carry around and work great. I recommend one too. :wink:

I’ve travelled the world with that thing in my luggage… it has taken a beating!

@mikeserafin, nice stuff!

how about some more products people? Too many cars.


Nice blaster!

thanks Michael! likewise. Im hoping to get some more up this week

Hot sketches Dinomeister, nice range, you’ve really come so far since you first started posting! :wink:

I’ve been on vacation for a week and it is great to see that the entries are starting to steam in! Some great stuff in there everyone. Thanks for the interest in the 1HDC. As always, I walk away inspired.

Thank you Benny!

The submissions are great! I hope to see a bunch more. :slight_smile:

can you submit videos?