1HDC - 09.02 - Discussion - Business Card Hack

interesting 1HDC. hope I have time to contribute something…


haha! you guys are a glutton for punishment after the last 1HDC…

But I do have a question, will the submitted entry feature 1 business card or can multiple business cards be used?

No limit on the business cards, but it must have at least one business card.

im in!

The fun you can have with business cards! :slight_smile: Excellent competition, it encouraged me to sign up after reading these forums for aaaages. :slight_smile:

A friendly reminder that submissions to the 1HDC should go into the submissions forum if you want to ensure your entry gets properly judged:

submissions forum: 1HDC 09.02 - Business Card Submission Forum

I will (and do) delete any wrongfully posted entries. I do my best to try to send an email or PM to anyone that this might happen to. If you don’t see your entry, check your spam filter and or, repost to the forum link above.


Sorry, but this guy wins, guaranteed!

I think the form and function on that card become something more than a business card. I don’t think calling it a business card will be fair.

P.S: I think it is ugly. and I will still throw it to the trash.

Of course it’s hideous, I think it’s meant as a joke.

Uh, haha, I don’t think so, pyramid pitchman anyone?


Ouch, okay now that’s even more embarassing.

I’m really liking the folding patterns people are coming up with. Although if i see another Iphone accessory i’m gonna explode something. What do you guys think about whats up so far? Lame or Fame?

I like the sushi server card. especially as a free sample kind of idea where handing out a business card is appropriate. not sure about the tooth pick but it’s there for those that would choose to use it, so good thinking.

this is a great 1HDC… totally enjoying the posts

my favorites so far are the earbud holder, earbud speakers, the card with the rotating specialty wheel, and the plug identifier… I think they’re dead clever and I would keep them for sure.

The sushi holder is a nice form, but I wouldn’t want to keep a card that had food on it… The pen holder is cool too, but I think it’s strange that the tip of the pencil is jamed in against the surface ( this one disappeared I think )

Apparently this month’s 1HDC is catching people’s imagination.

The earbud speakers were featured on “The Unofficial Apple Blog”:


when you want to submit an entry. do you click “new topic” or “post reply” when in the submission forum?

I think the earbud speaker is a nice looking design so I tried it myself but didnt seem to make any audible difference. I guess its just for aesthetics and not practical. Sorry! I am a very practical.
I like the jewelery design it has more potential. I can imagine as a compliment to the kids who come to jewel store. Possibly expensive.

The pitchman bragging about his B card, I think his card will be the first to get tossed out. Nowadays you just need a name title and website. That is more than enough. Maybe the first time you would like all that information but once you know about the person you dont need to carry that big chunk everywhere.

Wow, the new entry is very inspiring.

yeah its a cool idea but needs some tweeking. it dosen’t exactly work to well. but i great idea to build upon

Hi, I’m the designer the cardapult business card that rkuchinsky posted in the submission thread. Can I enter the contest? Do I need to make a post in that thread?