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Practical and simple, this is my idea. :P[/img]

Here is a card that has a little window and a disc. Turn the disc to see 8 different bits of info in the window: Phone #, email, address, artist, inventor, designer, machinist, photographer.

Lot of good entries some fun and some practical.
So here is a practical hand fan for the forthcoming summer



Something quick in Rhino and Hypershot.

Imagine the delight of the recipient on getting an unexpected gift together with your namecard …

:open_mouth: a sterilized toothpick is certainly better for this !
unless it would be a sterile business card wrapped in a foil to keep it sterile…

I had already created my project before hearing about this thread… not really elegant visually, but functional.

I needed a way to keep my cables that I attach to my laptop at work from falling off the desk corner and to keep them generally restrained from moving or slipping when i head off to a meeting.

the result is a device made of a business card with slots cut in the top and then affixed to the corner of my desk.

additionally, if i only want to temporarily restrain a cable it can just drape over the corner of the desk inside the edges of the business card.

very effective, and a fun project! glad it could find a home here!



Always loosing your keys? Do something about it! this key hook design is strong, rigid, and free. Give your keys the home they deserve, and put the “form” back into “personal information”.

[quote=“minhloc”][quote=“johnnyS”]why so serious.

The idea is to serve sushi straight from the folded business card. The pointy corners of a business card are great for cleaning your teeth (we all do that, don’t we?).

Smile! :smiley:[/quote]

:open_mouth: a sterilized toothpick is certainly better for this !
unless it would be a sterile business card wrapped in a foil to keep it sterile…[/quote]

exactly my point: “why soo seriouss”
most of us don’t really care what to use to remove left-over food from teeth. stuff stuck between teeth is just so annoying.

(Yes, those are sticky-posts and not business cards because I couldn’t find any that I’m willing to cut-up. Sorry I didn’t have time to look for other business cards but the idea is still the same.)

With a few cuts and a hole puncher, a business card can be used to keep paper organized.

Use just one, it can make a small notepad from scrap paper or keep random sticky notes together in a pile. Or, just use it to keep other business cards in a stack.

Use three, it can even keep sheets of paper together as a booklet when a stapler can’t do the job.

It holds pretty well even without tape if you tuck-in the center piece after the loop. (You can sort of see it in the blue-paper picture)

I was also thinking it can also be combined to make curtains/blinds because they can also attach to each other…

The idea is very simple: Share your contacts with more relevant people with just one business card in an analog way.
The front side of your business card has your contact info, the back has smaller post-it like mini-cards. Watch the video for details :bulb:


Sometimes there was heavy sunshine when you haven’t prepare sunglasses, it can help you to protect your eye s from glare reflected light or snow-covered land

My card is part seed paper, part paper. Tear off the seed paper and plant, use the remaining card as a plant flag with my info on it, flower type on the back side. We typically use flowers to think of, or remind others of us, I thought it was appropriate.

keep your tea bag afloat, then use as a spoon rest

here i go.
Hope you like it.

this is my product that can be used in various ways.One of it’s usage is a charm that itself can be used in various ways and it’s a useful thing.
good luck to everyone! :slight_smile:[/url]

A simple and quick way to use that sushi restaurants business card as a chopstick rest. :smiley:

This design is purely decorational. Not completely my design - I took a very cool 3D snowflake design ( How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake: 12 Steps (with Pictures) ) and applied it to business cards. Took several modifications to get it to work at such a small scale. Can be used as a christmas ornament!

Imagine I am an architect and this is my business card. My hack would be converting it into a house :slight_smile:

The model shown alongside is an alternative use for a standard business card that I thought of;
with six simple cuts and one fold the card becomes a u-clip that can be clipped on to any edge and can hold multiple items such as a bunch of papers, cards, keys and can also be used to safely wrap your ear-phones around.
With various business cards of different colors, designs, the u-clip can look decorative as well.

Feedback would be appreciated.