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There’s no miscounting or rigged polls here. This large scale allows the popular vote to reign supreme! Happy voting!

-Aaron Tsui-

Tonight, after seeing this competition, I grew a little hungry and made myself a PB&J. It was while making this sandwich that I couldn’t help but think how stressful, frustrating, and downright scary the current situation our country is facing. So I thought what better way to let out some of the stress and emotion most of us are feeling than physically voicing it in the voting process. This is Vote and Voice, my one hour worth of further development on the idea.

Just a voting booth, with no carrot in real but LCD :slight_smile:

You are escorted into an all white, glossy room. In front of you are 4 goblets, and must choose the correct gobblet from which to take a sip. The fate of your country and economy rests on your decision. But which goblet do you choose? Look very very very carefully, be wary of illusions, and the candidates should reveal themselves.

Haven’t put anything on this board before, but here’s my general opion about voting systems…

This is a concept designed to increase voter turnout, aimed specifically at the indecisive and apathetic audiences. This watch design seeks to extend the appeal of voting to these crowds by offering a unique, light-hearted perspective on the presidential election, which can often seem uninteresting and even overwhelming.

The watch’s blatent slot machine inspiration is bound to turn heads, and is also reminiscent of the traditional lever machines. In order to receive their exclusive watch, one must submit a voucher via the internet or mail, which will include the person’s personal information and location. Once this information is received, a watch will be sent to their respective voting location, where they will pick up their watch right before entering the voting booth. If the watch incentive had not sparked even the slightest interest in the presidential election, they can simply pull the watch lever and make a decision on the spot!

::45 minutes::Illustrator, Photoshop

It is eco-friendly, sustainable voting booth for reducing manual labor needed for vote


  1. It looks plain solor pannel decorected booth.
    Always opened to welcome voters.

  2. As soon as the voter gets inside the booth, weight of voter pushed the pannel below, and with help of clock-works, the door behind the voter shuts, and light on.
    Ready to vote. (There are only enough space for one person)
    The energy for lights are stored to battery automatically charged with solar energy system. Eco-friendly.

  3. After the voter finished voting, He/she has to open the shut door to get out. When the door is getting opened, clock-works connected to the door, makes the vote paper roll, to roll;- new vote areas for next voter.
    As vote paper roll is rolled to inside of box, voted mark on the vote paper is scanned and vote data is digitally stored. (For counting convience)

  4. After a roll is all-used, it is automatically dropped below (with force of gravity) to storage lower part of the box.
    (The digital scanner is a good job for counting, but analogue datas are stored in cases of re-counting.)
    There are seperate room and door for install of new vote paper roll, a voter could check and install if the vote paper area is not ready for him/her.
    He/She can always install new vote paper roll easily. :slight_smile:

    ’ 1. Place new roll inside roll box in front of you

  5. pull end of roll until you find a line (on the paper)

  6. put it into a hole you see in front of you, and push it inti the
    hole until you see another line and voting space

  7. vote ’

(Unused vote paper roll stored nearby with simple explaination of how to install new vote paper roll.)

Every four years, roughly half of eligible voters actually vote.

Thinking back to my time in college, nothing got me to a boring meeting faster than free ice cream.

On a more serious note, what if polling places were more welcoming, better places to hang out? What if instead of a hassle, it became a welcome respite every four years? A time to get free food, meet people around the neighborhood, and take a little break.

25 Cent Vote System.

This is a friendly and caring system to vote for your candidate.
Once you decide to go to vote you have to follow the next steps.

  1. Take a 25 Cent coin
  2. Choose your candidate
  3. Choose in the touchscreen display to where the coin (contribution) will be adressed
  4. Then, introduce the coin into the candidate slot.
  5. Vote was done, so wait for your ticket / confirmation
  6. Wait for your “thanks a lot for your vote and help” or something like this.
  7. go home happy.

This voting booth could be used for any other campaigns and contributions, just set the software up and put in the place you need.


Do not want to pay?, Do not vote.


Ivan Vidal. IVDESIGN

Last night I decided to enter this challenge simply because the idea just hit me. Why not design a touch screen voting tablet device? So I went with a common theme in technology today, maybe you know what I’m referring to and made it simple to use, just select a candidate out of the two on the screen.

The device is small enough (12"wide, 1"tall, 1/2" thickness) that is could be used to collect votes at remote locations where voters are unable to make it to the booths.

The card reader idea goes somewhat further by introducing accountability to the election process. By using a credit card or special voter card, each voter will be charged $1 that will show up on a statement somewhere, making the vote traceable.

All in all I feel these devices could be easily produced here in the US by our top computer companies at low cost and environmental awareness, and eliminate the burdens of the 2000 election.

Remember to vote!

My idea involves the use of light to give the user privacy when filling in their voting slip. The four pylons have LED bulbs which, when activated by the user entering the booth, shine to provide a visual barrier to other voters. When the user leaves the booth the lights are deactivated and the next voter can enter.

I waited till the last minute to submit this, because nothing really good came to me. Found myself mentally blocked, because these problems seem to be better solved with politics and public education. Not sure if better hardware will make this process much better.

This idea has the intention of being collapsible, for storage. It can change height, with some adjustment by poll workers, for people of varying stature. I’ve never seen this anywhere (maybe its an ethics thing), but polling booths might benefit from descriptions of candidates and referendums. That’s what the monitor is for.

With all of the technology available we should make voting apart of our everyday lives. This concept eliminates the booth and would give everyone a chance to vote from any where in the US. Giving the power back to the people!

My digital vote aport. It’s a portatil box, all inclusive, with an magnetic card activation. The steps are easy, you take one magentic card, shoose the vote and pu the magnetic card (whith the vote impres) in the real box, so you have 2 ways of vote, the digital and the fisical vote.

1 hour? sorry, but i gotta call shenanigans on this…


really took 20 mins doin this

Vote in Reverse. Why?

In 00s democracy is not that representative. so what can we do, give power to the people to choose who they really want. if voting is in pairs, there’s a candidate you want and a candidate you don’t want. or maybe you don’t want no one. that’s the spirit. this voting mode affects politicians if the people don’t feel represented, so they’ll work more and better in order to not be voted by you.

give the people a way to express, and let them choose the one they don’t really want. that decision is way more elocuent, in times when people usually don’t have a word on almost anything

it’s a stand that capturates live expression.
a panel with a sensor digitally connected through all the states
gives you info at any second.

the countings go in reverse, yiap?
so you better have no votes at all

With this design, Voters get a better understanding of where their vote is going. Not to the general election, but putting their vote in the ‘District’, which is where individual voting really applies.

This insinuates and educates as to how the Electoral College actually works.

Citizen > District Representative > State > Nation!

I have so many things to apologize for this time, I don’t know where to start.
I’ve spent the week writing essays for a transfer application. Let this be a moral lesson: when one person procrastinates, everybody suffers.

This design was carefully constructed around the image of today’s working society: always busy.

In order to combat excuses such as: “I’m too busy to vote,” “it takes too long,” and “finding a voting place is too hard,” I developed an idea more than an object. A certain computer software would be integrated into every ATM machine across the nation, allowing the machine to not only transfer funds, but also become a voting booth. It would read a voter’s card (obtained at the DPS) that links your voter profile to that ATM–basic personal information and a list of recent votes. Once inserted, pressing in the correct PIN will allow one to vote at any ATM across the nation.

And since there are currently over 400,000 ATMs in the nation, voting never seemed so easy.
Votes would be collected and sorted at a much quicker rate
There will be a seen increase in the overall votes by the population
Discontinue absentee ballots
Decrease voting fraud since it is done electronically
Easier to access and use at any time

Not many people have problems with ATM transfers–why should they have problems voting?

The security cameras stationed at every ATM will ensure protection over voting fraud and abuse.

And the best part–Out of time? Why not vote IN YOUR CAR through an ATM drive-thru. The first and only drive-thru voting system.

The main idea of this product was to be able to provide different interfaces located in its different faces according to its different uses in public or private environment and definning one face to one user.

From a public standpoint, in its rear face we can see a slot which is used to insert the card with the name of the candidate selected. This way we have the option to double count the votes in case we dont trust the virtual count.
To count the voting cards located in the box, we need to flip the product and use its bottom interface, which is meant for maintenance and software load purposes.

From a private standpoint, we have the necessary privacy features so that it could be used outside a booth. We also have a screen where the different candidates are displayed so that we can select by using the user inclusive interface, also in braile system (with the option of plugging headphones so that a non vident person can vote unsupervised).

The whole interrface has a sliding mechanism, unveiling the “private slot” so that you can insert your “voting card”, activating the machine. We also have folding privacy sidewalls so that when we transport the product, the lcd visor is protected by them.
Because of having folding and sliding options, the dimensions of the product are variable, making it effective and “space-friendly” to transport to the vote counting stations when the election day is over.

Marcelo Finoli
Industrial Design Student
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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