1HDC 08.07 - Sick Ass Car Rendering!! - Discussion

pfff everyone should be grateful that the 1HDC even exists so far as im concerned power trip away.

Let’s be honest here in regards to this shortlisting nonsense. it was quite obvious who the top 6-8 were. Compare them to your own work they were sick! I could of never of competed with them.

Here’s what I defined as sick for my motivation:

Take a real good look at this image. How much gasoline is being wasted from idling in traffic? How much time is going to waste idling in traffic? I can make an educated guess that most people would like to see some solutions to this problem.

Anyone can make sick-ass renderings so don’t sell yourself short. The judge here obviously chose style over substance.

You know, not to sugar coat what is happening in the real world.

I am a diplomat for change whatever it may look like.

There are real problems taking place in the transportation industry. Whether its with energy, highway infrastructure, or the demand for fuel-efficient cars when the Big 3 have overspecialized in SUV’s. Dealerships who have been in the business of selling cars which started as sick-ass renderings are now shuttering their doors.

I think Industrial Designers with a talent for making sick-ass renderings can also be a part of positive improvements in our society which are needed now more than ever.

Everone knows all this, it was 60 minutes, chill out.


While I don’t disagree with you - you need to realize that this was a quick sketching competition for the purposes of fun - not solving the transportation industrys energy crisis.

You can go into an entire rant on the politics of design but thats not what this is about. A professional designer took a few minutes out of their time to review some different sketches and pick which ones he liked the best. There wasn’t a panel of officials, a $1 million dollar prize, and weeks of preparation that would be needed for ANY project with substance. If you really were capable of creating an environmentally responsible design that wasn’t anything more then putting some callouts that said “hybrid magic fuel cell that runs on salt water” in an hour you’d deserve a nobel prize.

It’s very easy to get pissed at the motivation and criteria in any form of competition, especially one you put work into. But in the end you’re just wasting energy to accomplish nothing - you either stay bitter or you pick up your markers, smile, and move on to the next competition.

Hey, I’m cooler than an ice brick, honey bunny.

While I don’t disagree with you - you need to realize that this was a quick sketching competition for the purposes of fun - not solving the transportation industrys energy crisis.

You know, that’s what the real loss is. And it’s unfortunate.

I’m really not bitter at all…just upset that it’s another day nothing’s really solved and ip being a phallus is what really started it.

but, hey, you are what you eat.

If you’re that heartbroken about it why haven’t you spent time looking into it yourself?

The automotive energy crisis is an issue of technology, infrastructure, and public perception. Designing a sweet looking electric vehicle is great, but the bottom line is from a design perspective theres NOTHING you can offer right now that hasn’t been looked at by hundreds of corporate engineers, student designers, and grassroots garage mechanics.

You can rehash a cool design over an existing vehicle concept, but thats not solving any problems - it’s just taking an old solution and making it look slicker. It’s the battery engineers, fuel cell engineers, and aero engineers who are the ones that are going to make a difference.

I’m all for the “designers can solve any problem!” mentality, but without real solid understandings of the problem, and the engineering and technology behind it to make things work - what you’re trying to do is nothing more than making feel-good drawings for products you can’t build.

And for a person who’s not bitter you can probably leave out the c**k sucker comments.

I’ve actually spent the last 5 years looking into it:

It would be nice to get some professional feedback on people’s work here…it’s all I asked for. How else do you learn?

But, no, he’d much rather be a c0c|<sucker, as YOU say.

ip doesn’t have time to comment on any submissions here. but he has time to comment on furniture. check it:

My comment only comes in the form of having just sat in a “modern rectalinear” sofa for a few hours the other night. In general it was a neat looking piece of furniture but it was horribly uncomfortable for anything more than a few minutes. The comments that came out during the party were:

  1. It was too deep. To rest your back you had to sit way back in the couch. The shorter women couldn’t sit on the couch and bend their knees.

  2. Too hard. It looked soft and comfy. But when you went ot sit, you damn near broke your tailbone.

  3. Back too low. The back came up to the middle of my spine. My core fitness was not good enough to sit comfortably in this couch

What’s up with that?

You can be his flunky all you want.

damn… c’mon guys lets stop this. there is no point arguing further.

This was a simple aesthetic / visual design challenge and although approach might be different, that is the bottom line.

It doesn’t matter how ip_wireless is acting since I am not here for him but he is an admin who does contribute alot of his time for us and I can kind of understand where he is coming from as well.

but I do appreciate this site alot!! and all the work that I am able to reference. I think this time lapse video was especially great since I was able to see some amazing work.

and that, is what I am here for.

so, lets not fight,
Lets have next challenge!! :slight_smile:

Don’t sweat it CD…if anything he’s said is on point, me being dick head is probably it. When I hear something that matters or actually has substance I will be happy to put my time towards it.

Wow. Really?

yeah should of explained a bit more thought that might come back.

As in a tight loose perspective sketch if you see what i mean lol. Not a heavily drawn through but you could atleast like all the others see the perspective was pretty much there. Some entrants perspective was wayyyyy off.

And like wise line quality for that style of loose sketch was spot on.

What can i say i just loved Svens lol

okay, so basically, if you mention anything pen1s related, ip will be happy comment.

now that’s funny.

I guess it’s too much to ask from you to share your professional insight on the car designs here, when you’d rather be condescending and talk about wood, I mean furniture.

What’s a DOF effect?


Really, you are making an issue out of nothing. I think it’s pretty clear to most other members here, the judges and the like, which entries were the strongest and on what account.

The competition was a “sick ass rendering”. Key word being rendering. This 1HDC wasn’t so much a problem solving competition, (as others have been), but more a skills based rendering competition. Sorry, but your skills in this department just didn’t cut it. If you can’t look at your own drawing, the others, and compare, I don’t think any amount of “professional comments” will help. From your tone all along, it’s pretty obvious you don’t really want feedback, you are looking for a pat on the back. Not going to happen, bro.

As for the personal remarks to IP, they are certainly not constructive, and certainly not within the tone that is acceptable here on the core boards.


I am glad to be selected as the 2nd place entry, but understand the feelings of the upset entrants who spent time setting up and crafting work that met the project brief, criteria and entrance spec to then be disqualified by the contest moderator pre industry professional judging effort.

The promise of the contest was based on the premise that if you met the criteria and made the effort to enter Mr. Gilles would view your work.
In the brief core77 made no mention of a moderators short list based on his personal judgement.
Had this been a part of the brief, few if any entrants would have made the effort to enter, however it would have been fair.

This was a simple contest with simple rules and an exciting promise that got people fired up. To amend the rules mid stream is uncool to say the least.

Above all you disappointed a hand full of people who spent time entering, met all the criteria and would have been good competition for the seven of us you selected.
From Jason Ho, David Hu, Don Stiff and three or four others who made the effort and completed in some cases entered Sick ass work, I am bummed that you got the shaft too.

Shame on you Core77. You are more professional than that.

This is my little personal rant and karma alignment.
So everyone understands, This is my personal opinion and has nothing to do with the opinions or feelings of the studio I work for.
In general I enjoy Core 77 and believe it to be an exceptional group of dedicated design enthusiasts. Our studio loves Core77.

Lets make sure the next one is on the level so I can convince people to enter again.


Paul Kirley

Hey, I’d like some feedback. I thought my entry was pretty decent (although I liked some others better). Interestingly enough, most of those I really liked didn’t make the cut either (think ADD, that is awesomely clean and clear). While some that did make it offend me (think backass2, hey, I’m being brutally honest here and I hate to call people out, but WHAT!!!?). So clearly my opinion as a professional designer varies highly from the jury and I’d like to hear what people with different opinions have to say about my entry (I’m always looking for more perspective on my work).

Anyone (and I mean anyone) who has time they want to spend giving me a little feedback would be appreciated (and I understand if you don’t either have the time or you just don’t want to waste it on this). I was brutally honest above, so, please be brutally honest with me (I can take it). I will say I beleived the video portion to be for documenting the process (in order to eliminate ‘cheaters’) and not for entertainment, so I already recognize that this could have been improved.

My entry is here (and at the bottom of the first page of submissions if you want to watch the video):



I would suggest you go back and re-read where this subject matter got nasty. Let’s take a look at ip’s replies…


We don’t want to close it off from blue sky. But, going by the idea that this is going to be seen by someone in the industry who will be picking the 3 finalists, I would probably lean towards producable within the next 5 - 10 years.

Is he being a d1ck here? no. Someone had a question, he replied in kind.



I go into hibernation for a few days and come back to a small pile of truly hot sketches/vids.

Great work everyone! You definitely surprised me with the quality.

Very inspiring.

Here, he’s obviously in a good mood about the whole thing.


The short list is the top six I chose as the finalists for Ralph to choose from so that we don’t take away too much from his very busy schedule.

This was his answer to my query about the difference between the short-list and a list with everyone on it. Acceptable.


short answer.


I will throw you this bone…you will need to hunt their entry down yourself. The top seven were in no particular order:

Are you condoning that moderators treat other board members like this? If anyone gets this answer, it’s because the person saying it is typically being a d1ck. Which ip himself agrees with.

if anything he’s said is on point, me being dick head is probably it.

I wasn’t the only person curious to see who else made the cut:

can we after the results?

So, in short, I don’t think, as moderator, ip_wirelessly was a professional about my queries and could use some lessons in being mannerly.

And, sure, I may have crossed the line a little but only because of ip’s acknowledgment of his own behavior for which he hasn’t apologized.

I had a great time working on this challenge which I’ve mentioned before. I’ve been here for awhile longer than ip_ and hope to be a member in the future. But, if I feel someone’s being disrespectful, I just can’t let it slide. Especially if its someone who’s representing Core77 as a moderator. I don’t need any pats on the back but I, like everyone else here, deserves equal amounts of respect.

Please forgive me for my behavior, and I honestly congratulate the winners…

I got next. :slight_smile:

Your lineweight is very chicken-scratchy and static. Theres no variations in line weight, no focal point, and the perspective on the back wheel is totally botched. A lot of the details suffer from bad perspective (like the front wheel arch which isn’t actually round?)

Your coloring itself was fairly good - but again there is no focal point, and the background really ruins things for me. The solid color with the really strange shadow (square shadow) is distracting.

I think the biggest difference in your overall technique vs the winners is that they focused on doing loose and quick styles - whereas your style comes off as rushed, not loose.

The overall design has some nice elements - very Elise-ish.

You’re assuming he didn’t look through the whole thread. My short listing is intended to save him as much time as possible. I would even go as far as to say that if I DIDN’T short list it, only the three that caught his attention while scrolling through in the 30 mins he puts aside for this would get looked at in any detail, as opposed to the 7 or 8.

There is discussion and there is some back and forth that occurs.

Honestly, did you think that the Designer of the Chrysler 300 is going to sit through every single video in the thread? Take notes of the Designer’s names? Is he going to crack open anything that doesn’t catch his attention?

I have no delusion that this endeavor to something more than a fun little gig. If, in the process, your work passes the desk of a Design Leader even better. If, in the process, your work is GOOD ENOUGH to get a Design Leader to pick yours, awesome.

But man, let’s not for a second turn this into something that is going to change the world, let alone someone’s career. I might have the attitude of Simon Cowell, but I don’t have that kind of pull.

Thanks Cyberdemon, exactly the sort of thing I was looking for!

Anyone else?

Honestly, did you think that the Designer of the Chrysler 300 is going to sit through every single video in the thread? Take notes of the Designer’s names? Is he going to crack open anything that doesn’t catch his attention?

Did you think he wasn’t? Do you know what he does in his free time besides play with his Little Tikes TotSports Golf Set?