1HDC 08.07 - Sick Ass Car Rendering!! - Discussion

This forum is for discussion surrounding this month’s 1HDC.

I highly recommend you DON’T start your sick ass car rendering until you read the brief tomorrow. This one has a twist.

Doors open:
Tuesday September 16, 2008

Doors close:
Sunday, Sept 28, 2008

Sick-Ass Car Rendering!

Cars are a huge part of our lives. They not only drive us from point A to point B, they drive memories. From that first road trip with the crew to losing our virg….er…keys, we have a long standing love affair with our automobiles.

In honor of this cultural icon, we’re stepping it up a notch: We want to see you put to paper the sickest ride you can dream of. Seriously, we want to SEE you do it. This 1HDC is more than just a 1 Hour Design Session. To be eligible you must video tape yourself spilling your ink and your soul into this one. We will then ask you to compress that one hour down into a 2 Minute Video and post it, along with an image of the final rendering, for the world to see.

Judging will be based on quality of presentation and whether or not your work could have realistically been done in 1 Hour. The 1 hour does NOT include thinking in the shower, procrastinating, setting up the video camera, editing the video, uploading to Core77, or anything not related to creating the sick-assest rendering you can come up with. Use this Core77 5 minute sketch session as guidance for how to set-up your camera. If you’re a digital hack, a screen capture will do nicely.

Publicity in the October Core77 Newsletter, publicity on the Core77 Blog, bragging rights that Ralph Gilles, VP of Design at Chrysler chose your design!

Guest judge on this 1HDC is Ralph Gilles, the VP of Design of Chrysler, and designer of the Chrysler 300. Community discussion is encouraged to help ensure the best design wins.

Things to consider when Making a 1HDC Time-Lapse Movie:

  1. Make sure you have a good view of your drawing, occupying most of the frame (see image below).
  2. You must have a clock or some other timepiece in the frame!

Be sure your hard drive has enough space before starting!
Your final movie file size will be large: up to 1GB or more depending on the camera you are using, so have at least that amount of free disk space.

Record a trial run first!
Computers + cameras + 3rd party software = potential mess-ups. Make a few trial movies to be sure everything is working before you record your 60 minutes.

A tablet sketch is acceptable - try to frame both monitor and tablet as closely as possible.
A cintiq sketch is acceptable - point the camera at it as you would a normal sketch pad.
In either case, a screen capture is acceptable but be sure it includes a readable clock or timer in the captured area.

Your entry should be comprised of 2 elements. A jpg image of your final rendering, and an embedded video of your Time-Lapse movie. You can use your favorite video sharing platform such as YouTube or Google Video or Blip or Vimeo. In the discussion forum, paste the name of your rendering, a sentence or two description if you’d like, the jpg image, and a link to your video. Easy!

Remember that movies must be submitted as Time-Lapse movies–ideally recorded at only a single frame per second. This means that your hour-long drawing will play in around two minutes, preventing the viewing audience from dozing-off during your show… DO NOT POST MOVIES THAT ARE 1 HOUR LONG!

Creating a Time-Lapse movie can be done by recording at normal speed and then time-compressing the footage in a video editing program such as AfterEffects. Another, more efficient way is to make your initial recording in time-lapse mode. It will keep your movie file size small and eliminate processing time. Some video cameras have this functionality built in, so be sure to check if your’s does. But most likely you’ll have to use a camera-to-computer connection (webcam or camcorder) and a time-lapse capture program. Two no-cost solutions are referenced below:

A tablet sketch is acceptable - try to frame both monitor and tablet as closely as possible.
A cintiq sketch is acceptable - point the camera at it as you would a normal sketch pad.
In either case, a screen capture is acceptable but be sure it includes a readable clock or timer in the captured area.

Windows XP, Vista
(10 day free trial)

Can be used with an attached video camera or a webcam. We used it with a logitech quickcam and it worked great. If you have trouble check out the azcendant site for help.

Some quick instructions:
Go to the “capture” menu and choose “time lapse”. A new window pops up: Time-Lapse Capture. In this window: Choose your capture device. Select a location to save your movie. Leave compression alone. Choose to “Take one frame every 1.000 seconds”. Playback rate should be “30.” Click the “Start” button to start recording. When done, click Stop. Your movie is automatically saved.


Can be used with an attached video camera, a webcam, or a mac laptop’s built-in isight camera. We used a Macbook Pro’s isight.

Some quick instructions:
Go to the “Watching” menu, choose “start watching.” Go to “Movie Setup” menu, click “Start new DV movie.” Enter a name for your movie in the dialog box which pops up. In the main window, next to the video feed, you will see a green “grab frame” circle - ignore it - to the right of it is the Time-Lapse Control. Choose “1” SECONDS between frames. Use the little green “start” button here to start recording. When done recording YOU MUST click the big pink “FINISH” button at the bottom to save your movie!

wow, that’s a lot of work for a 1HDC!. but great score on the VP of Design at Chrysler as a guest judge. How’d you score that?


PS. good thing you didn’t get the VP Design of GM in, based on those other threads… :slight_smile:

Thank Yo for that score.

It is a lot of work, but some good exposure.

No problem. It is a bit of work, but to have Ralph look at your stuff is pretty big deal. I saw Ralph speak a few years ago at an IDSA conference, he is awesome.

I intereviewed Ralph a year or two ago over the phone. It was awesome to have a few minutes of his time; his experience and personality are just awesome.

About the 1 hour car design… man… it’s so broad. Do you guys mean a production car? Or the typical student “runs on rainbows and goes 800mph with no regard for driving dynamics, production, safety, visibility, etc”?

I think the criteria is specific enough.

“Sick Ass”

Whatever you have to do to make it the sickest ass thing you can do.

Other than that, to quote an old professor of mine “If you don’t ask if you can do it, I can’t tell you not to”. Put simply, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

here’s how you do it!

by Project Chief Designer, Ian Cartabiano, from Toyota.



Yeah, but sick ass is even more objective when the intent of the car isn’t really clear. WHat’s sick ass to me is a design that could actually be produced, considers human factors, engineering, etc. Other hacks may think ‘sick ass’ is just some crazy cool looking sketch with zero regard to powerplant, drivability, visibility, safety, etc.

Case in point: Wearable motorcycle - Core77

I think that is retarded. Other people think that’s sick ass.

So some feedback as to what they’re looking for here would be SUPER helpful. Do cars need wheels? Can they be hovercars like in minority report? Or should we focus more on something that could actually be a car?

We don’t want to close it off from blue sky. But, going by the idea that this is going to be seen by someone in the industry who will be picking the 3 finalists, I would probably lean towards producable within the next 5 - 10 years.

posted on the wrong thread… reposted i the submission thread…
and though the video recording dose introduce additional '‘tasks’ i think it should be ok…

interesting challenge!

but we have to post a video now? it will take forever with my slow internet connection!

anyway, I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.

Again I am focusing more on the behavior and function :slight_smile:

lets have fun!!!


Great quality so far! I’m impressed.

Thanks to AFJ Gallery for posting these down in the transportation section last week. Some renderings by Harry Bradley from the 60’s for inspiration for you. DOn’t forget, our guest judge is from Chrysler! Lets see some 300’s, some Chargers, some Jeeps!

Some great stuff guys!

processlucas, very hot.

not able to post images to the submission forum since about 12 hours ago.
anything that i need to do , some new way of posting images? they are all standard jepeg format.
after choosing the file and pressing the add attachment button the page come reloads and does not show any attachment

I was having the same problem, so I just hosted them on an image hosting website, then did the img tag thing here.

the image attachment is now fixed thanks to the admin.



thanks!!! :slight_smile:

I’m confused now. Were you trying to attach that picture of girls in the discussion forum?