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Back to School Bag!

Wednesday August 20, 2008
12 PM PST (7 PM GMT)

Monday, Sept 1, 2008

It’s back-to-school time…back to lugging books, art supplies, sports gear, and kegs around campus. Core77 is firing up this month’s 1HDC just in time for the daily grind of school. We want to see what kind of over-the-shoulder carrying mechanism you can come up with. Knapsack? Shoulder bag? Book bag? Messenger bag? Hybrid? You tell us! We’ve enlisted the talents of the Timbuk2 design team to guest judge this month’s gig. So pull that Rocko Ruler and Prismacolors out of your ratty backpack and take an hour to put your work up in front of the Timbuk2 crew and all your peers for the chance at this month’s bragging rights and a sweet custom Timbuk2 bag!

Judging will be based on quality of presentation, strength of concept. (You need to execute your design in only 1 hour–on an honor system.)

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be featured in the Core77 October Newsletter, on the Core77 Blog, and bragging rights. 1st prize will receive a Custom Timbuk2 bag, with custom fabrics and trim!

Winners will be selected by the Timbuk2 Crew and Core77 Admin. From Timuk2: Bopanna Ulliyada, Senior Designer; Chris Chung, Head Developer; and Ryan Henbest, Marketing. Community discussion is encouraged to help ensure that the best designs win.

sketch = 30 mins.
scan, cleanup, upload = !!25 mins

5 extra minutes for frisbee!
(nalgene holding capabilities a tie-in with frisbee)

Just a nice light bag for carrying around the urban essentials: digital camera, blueberry,
sketch book, sweatshirt, or just some ice and a six pack for a skate to the park. The
mesh would be impreganated into the plastics for strength and another reflective surface,
the waist strap would help keep the bag secure to the user during movement. This bag
is geared toward skateboarders and others, that want to carry minimal gear and
forget it’s on their backs, to focus on more important things like the obstacle in their


This is the “school is hell” Student Field Pack.

It is a modular military inspired messenger bag system that can be designed to accomodate any schooling discipline. Shown here is the industrial designer pack complete with spray paint holster.

I chose a durable, neutral, as well as natural material pallete complimented by a camo-inspired liner fabric for a little added fun.

School is hell…be prepared.



throwing out another idea just for fun.

Semi-reminiscent of a Ghostbusters Proton Pack, this case is indestructible. Molded from fiberglass, or if you want to get fancier and more heavy duty, carbon fiber. In addition to keeping your valuables and homework safe from just about anything up to an including nuclear warfare, it can also function as a step stool, a seat, and a clever defense mechanism against bullies trying to pelt you with snowballs on the way home from school.

The pack can be finished in any sort of high quality automotive paint. It is also molded to the general shape of a person’s back and comes with a gel-filled pad for comfort.

The dog will never eat your homework again…

It’s easy to forget homework, books, or other vital class related material while jumping out of bed to bolt to class. To help college students keep their act together, this bag gives them one less reason to forget.

Relying on the Velcro elastic subject wraps, the student would wrap a notebook, folder, book, and anything else for the same subject together. Even when running late students know to grab the subject wraps they need (identified by their color coded badges) throw them in their bag and run.

Ideation - 10min
Sketching - 35 min
Shading - 5 min
Formatting - 10 min

sketching 35 mins
photoshop 25 mins

The idea is a bag that can be worn over the shoulder for smaller capacity loads that converts to a traditional pack via a hidden pocket which reveals another half to the pack. When fully opened the bag provides double the storage space and twice the coolness.

Preliminar Sketchs : 6 min
Sketch and color : 39 min
Scan and illustrator : 9 min

I just the thing i would need for next week :wink:

Person Peoples takes a look back.
We talked to our pop over the weekend and he told us about the good old days. Necessity sure is the mother of all invention.

A belt when you need it.
A bag when you want it.
And a cheatsheet if your buddy got you the answers.

Person Peoples

Check out other work from PERSON PEOPLES
Enigma Tribute Bags

My design was made for the purpose of being as simply subtle as possible. For example, my current bag has a loud velcro connection…so lets say its in the middle of class and I have to get something out, BRRIIIPPP goes the velcro and instantly I am now the center of (unwanted) attention. This bag was made with the purpose of keeping sounds to a minimum with a magnet seal outer pouch and a zippered inner pouch…no clicks or brips, just a quiet zip. The colors can be customized online so that the consumer can create the perfect bag.

A lunchbag can turn out pretty messy when placed on top of books, papers and laptop. The idea is to have a schoolbag and a lunchbag in two different units. The lunchbag is attached at the bottom of the schoolbag, leaving all your paperwork safe from stainning fluids. Your lunchbag is removable, so it is more convenient when going for lunch and also makes it easier to wash.

heres my entry. pretty simple, this is a tall and narrow bag meant to hang on the side of a school locker. The idea is that the bag would stay on the side of the locker to allow more room for winter coats/etc. All of the access to the bag would be from one side. The top opening is angled towards the student. The bottom has a lower compartment which runs the depth of the bag. I was thinking it would be great to use a rough and tough used burlap material from a potato/coffee bean sack.

Digital is the mainstream in school and work. Assignments, communcation, and education is largely done through the use of computers and internet. This rugged carrier is for those who constantly use their laptop on the go- not just in a stationary setting. Although it can hold traditional work/school materials, it’s main feature is it’s laptop integration system. By placing your laptop into the hard and durable folding receptical, it is protected and easily accesible on a moments notice- even when wearing the backpack itself!

Great for public transportation users- on the sidewalk, at the stop, or on the bus. Wear it on the front of your chest, connect the straps behind your back for support, and fold down the receptical, transforming it into a laptop table. No need to set down your backpack to pull out your laptop, then struggle to shove it back into the bag with your when the bus arrives or you get to class.

When you do get to class, the laptop platform keeps the bottom of the laptop cool. No need to remove the computer! Take notes on your laptop and save paper!

That’s my school bag design. You have to costumize this bag with stencils, fabric sprays, pens and all your creativity!!!
And is very easy and quick to organize and clean it up… That’s all folks!!
PS: the stencils arts is from www.dafont.com and www.brusheezy.com

Light duty tech. bag for those casual days…

This is my first go at the 1 hour challenge. Enjoy!

Gives user option to sit (rest) while they wait.

This was a fun exercise, I will definitly be doing more.

Most Back pack designs are over designed so lets take the Apple approach on things.