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Yeah. I wasn’t trying to bash. I was, believe it or not, trying to support the concept you had come up with, while letting you know of some possible flaws (and that it’d been done before, therefore it works). I guess it just didn’t articulate the way it was supposed to.

Hey, I like biabia’s concept. It might just be a messenger bag, but being able to hang it on your chair is something that appeals to my inner OCD (cleanliness, not touching the dirty ground…).

Hs.wang’s concept also interesting. Personally not something I’d wear around, but cool looking anyways. Though I’d hope that the pouches are fairly secure, as a tug from a slightly annoying friend or very annoying enemy/rival-type could possibly rip them off. Which I’m assuming is a bad thing…

marker’s briefcase/satchel concept looks nice. But one question: Is the material hard or soft? Because if it’s soft, then the A3 marker pad/book container could get pulled up and bend the pad and books. Maybe you already thought of that, but just thought I’d ask…

[Note: If anything I said SEEMS like bashing, it’s not intended that way. I know I’m a noob, but I am merely trying to give suggestions so that if they consider actually constructing a prototype, or whatever, they’ll have some feedback.]

The belt bag (peoples) and the burlap bag (mike) presentations seem to read really easy. I like how the images pretty much explain themselves. They’re also very tastefully done. That said, I admire many others too.

I’m really down with Nourmalaeb’s Velcrometre concept. As drawn it looks like the straps would fail pretty easily, smashing your precious cargo, but if you ran the straps 180 degrees (or 360) around the bag with velcro to velcro contact over one entire side of the bag for each strap I think you’d have a very feasible chance of this actually working. If any of you haven’t experienced industrial strength velcro before, that stuff holds so well that sometimes it’s hard to get it apart! For the messenger style you could run the strap around the sides and bottom, I think that would work quite well.

I really like the fun involved in it, being able to set it up any way you like, and the idea that at any given day your bag might not look quite the same as it did the day before. Also I think the constant little velcro noises it produces would be fun (maybe not in class tho as Ineo pointed out). This is the kind of thing I would definitely buy, even if i didn’t use it on a day to day basis. Well done!

Hey mindsystem, ta for the approval of my design, was getting a bit worried therefore a minute it was going unoticed.

In regards to the material, oringally i had thought it would be made a hard soft material… by that i mean outer fabric being somesort of tough leather reasonably thick and all inside fabric stitching to be soft.

I here what your saying about potenial bending of books and pads, tbh i’ve only found that with my A4 bag because my A3 marker pad doesnt fit and tends to droop over the side.

I had given thought to a a simple divide to hold the marker pad back but had run out of time to illustrate it up

@ Guntar, cool page!

Hey, belt bag is cool…But what size should I make this? I get an error message saying something like’ tried to upload and empty file’ or something like that. But the file is just a little large.

got it sorted

Just realised that padavis also has a detachable pens/pencils part. Obviously great minds think alike.

Hope you don’t think I just copied your idea, although it’s a good one.

the nomad stick is really cool…It is not typical, and it is a throwback, like belt bag. I think it to be impractical for classroom use, but a good Idea non-the-less.


Where are you from that you use A4? Maybe it’s just me (and I’ve been out of America long enough to not know), but isn’t American standard paper size Letter? Just kinda curious. Maybe I’m just seeing something that isn’t there…

As for your design, by “getting bent” I meant more that, if the bag’s supporting/base material was too soft, then if the bag could get “malformed” (for lack of a better word) and bend the books/pads out of shape. But seeing as you were thinking of using leather or something, that’d be much less likely to happen, if at all.

and nacho’s “modular hard shell backpack” seems like an interesting idea. just the look of it made me think of TMNT… and that’s a good thing, in this particular case…

what i mean by A4 is that the size of what i see all common messenger type bags, or atleast the ones i own as well as when i shop for them is that they only comfortably fit an a4 sized paper /a4 marker pad in relation to the height. if you go above that i.e A3 then they dont close.

My main reason for doing that design was a long time pet hate of there not being a solution out their to cater for A3, that and all the added functionality they seem to be providing with bags which imo is just ridiculous, if i wanted a moving, portable file system… i’d buy a folder and then put that folder in my bag, likewise trying to cater for everything a student could possibly own… why? who carriers everything they own in a bag? Not only that but you shouldn’t either because it will destroy your back. Its very rare that i have seen anyone not have enough space in the bag to get themselves to and from lectures or class, and all the people i see in lectures tend to either have rucksacks or messnger bags.

The other annoyance i find is with the excessively large (in depth) shoulder bags the ones which carry your laptop, your folders, your lunch , seperate file structure pouch, mobile phone pouch, pouch for your ipod and pouch for your dog is that walking down a crowded corridor with them is a nightmare. Same for when on a bus or on a train or tube when someone has decided to put their whole life in a bag. Its a pain for the owner who struggles to make it down a tight area and a pain for the person who constantly gets bumped into and smashed about by the other persons bag.

Just seems frustrating to me that bag designers are making these all signing and dancing bags, when they dont cater for different mediums, and A3 at least within the design and arts (which is quite a large community) is quite a common and regular used format.

Rant over lol

And yeah i liked the hard topped bag, but as long as it didnt look like teeange mutant nija turtles… all i would want to do is spin around on my back

Great work as usual everyone!!! Here are my favs in no particular order:

vespaw - Just a canvas back pack with rubber accents. (Clever I wish I had the time to render mine like that)

Guntar - Dual compartment bag that hangs on the locker door. (I love how the board fits in there to go)

johnnyS - Roll up bag. (It’s like a design burrito to go)

b.lutjens - mitosis pack (cleaver school based cell division idea)

I would like to challenge that the stackable back pack by joshua sin was not done in an hour. Thoughts???

@ vespaw, hot sketch!

whew!! almost forgot about it :smiley:

thank god it was in PST!!! its 10:26 here in chicago :smiley:

as usual, great work from everyone!

By the way, What is the best picture size to upload pics in?

I did it in 800x 600

@c2c: i agree concerning joshsins stackable pack. looked too good to have been done in a hour.

I disagree… it doesnt look too good to be done within 1 hour :wink:

finally found the forum…
hi all

A long over due thanks to mindsystem for mentioning me, my first challenge ever at 1hdc.
I can assure you if i ever get around to making it that those little devils will be tight as heck. Agree in that not many people would actually wear that around, but just wanted to do something crazy cuz you never get the chance anywhere else.

a question for designugly (if word ever gets there) what was the tool used for your sketches? Absolutely drooled over the line work, amazing.
anyone knows?

This is just a guess ,Design ugly probably used a wacom cintiq and PS for the lines and Sketchbook pro for the coloring.