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Back to School Bag!

Wednesday August 20, 2008
12 PM PST (7 PM GMT)

Monday, Sept 1, 2008

It’s back-to-school time…back to lugging books, art supplies, sports gear, and kegs around campus. Core77 is firing up this month’s 1HDC just in time for the daily grind of school. We want to see what kind of over-the-shoulder carrying mechanism you can come up with. Knapsack? Shoulder bag? Book bag? Messenger bag? Hybrid? You tell us! We’ve enlisted the talents of the Timbuk2 design team to guest judge this month’s gig. So pull that Rocko Ruler and Prismacolors out of your ratty backpack and take an hour to put your work up in front of the Timbuk2 crew and all your peers for the chance at this month’s bragging rights and a sweet custom Timbuk2 bag!

Judging will be based on quality of presentation, strength of concept. (You need to execute your design in only 1 hour–on an honor system.)

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be featured in the Core77 October Newsletter, on the Core77 Blog, and bragging rights. 1st prize will receive a Custom Timbuk2 bag, with custom fabrics and trim!

Winners will be selected by the Timbuk2 Crew and Core77 Admin. From Timuk2: Bopanna Ulliyada, Senior Designer; Chris Chung, Head Developer; and Ryan Henbest, Marketing. Community discussion is encouraged to help ensure that the best designs win.

Forgive me if this is a dumb question, but this is my firs time…does the conceptualization of the design have to be completed within the alloted hour or is the hour only for drawing/digitizing/presenting?

As far as I have seen this addressed in the past, the clock starts when pen hits paper. You’re free to ponder and think before-hand (in the car, in the shower, whatever).

Sweet, seems like a fun challenge


I want to expand on this a bit:

1HDC is completely honor system. That said, we want the focus of the competition to be on the creation of content, not the clerical work involved in uploading, scanning, etc.

Here’s a quick laundry list of what should and should not be counted towards your 1 Hours:

Clock ticks for:
model making
anything that involves the CREATION of your presentation and content.

What you can stop the clock for:
uploading of content to Core77, etc.

Hope this clears things up.

Nice work so far!

DesignUgly…setps in with a first post to Core77 and steps up the sketching skills a few notches!

Some really nice stuff.

I’m really liking DesignUgly’s as well as Mike Serafin’s

strange leg pack. it’s like cargo shorts for every pair of pants you own.

I quite like the modpac although i think they allready exist, i know all my sports bags have wheels in them.

When I came up with my leg pack, I thought my submission was a new idea, but further research proved not, of course. For evidence that a leg pack is feasible, you’ll find some by googling “Grabit Pack”.(cooler than a fanny pack :slight_smile: )

My early vote is for Shields1554. Rock on!

the belt bag by peoples is pretty interesting. I like the fresh approach and the presentation of the concept is simple but kick ass

Not trying to put it down, but it looks dangerous and impractical. Any load over a few pounds would be stressful and debilitating. The single anchor point means every step would be a beatdown from behind by the swinging mass. And no girl I know wants to have anything anything ANYTHING near their head that might make their hair look less cute. It’s a different approach yeah but it doesn’t appear to have been terribly thought out.

EDIT: Sorry! I was thinking about the head-pack too much and I was talking about it instead of the belt bag which I think is extremely clever.

It’s irony folks. A long time ago, kids attended one-room schools and used belts to tie up their bags.


The objective is a bit different in the case of “beltbag”
It is to remind us of a practice of yesteryear.
And be a reminder that average people can solve their own everyday problems in an adhoc manner.
The concept itself is not really a product but the promotion of a behavior.
We all have “beltbag”. There is no need to purchase of course, just remember it is a possibility if ever in a pinch.

As well, our entry’s tone is just as important as the concept itself.
There is something attractive about our character’s nonchalance. Like he couldn’t be bothered to bring a bag so his belt will just have to do. And of course he couldn’t be troubled to study for that history test, so the inside of the belt is treated so he can jot down the answer he got from his buddy.
It is that casual indifference we all sought when we were 17. This nuance can be difficult to impart through a sterile hypershot rendering.

Oh no!!! nonono I completely misread this an apologize. For some reason I thought they were talking about the bag strapped to the head. The belt back was amazing with clever presentation and just enough neat innovation with some limitations in the name of that cool irony. Dang. Sorry.

As for the head-strap bag, the people in Papua have been doing it for a LONG time (couple thousand years. at least?). They seem to have no problem using them (I mean, they carry their babies that way, sometimes), but then again, they’ve had them a lot longer. Though one problem is that using them from an early age can slowly put small depression in the skull where the strap was…

True, I meant it more like…it’s a new concept for…or no…it’s an old concept updated and used in a newcontext. And for the skull depression, lets just make the stap wide enough or PG-13;)

This is belated, but Thanks @ yo. Should we expect an entry from you this 1HDC?