1HDC 08.04 - Do-it-Yourself Power Tool

Doors open:
Tuesday June 24, 2008
12 PM PST (7 GMT)

Doors close:
Sunday, June 29th

Design a Power Tool!

Shhhhhh….can you hear that? It’s the sound of summer! (No! Not tight thong speedos and hairy backs!) It’s home renovation time! All those Do-it-Yourselfers are crawling out of their dens to tackle this summer’s To Do List – men and women clamoring to Home Depot to buy the latest and greatest power tool to cut that next plank 2 inches too short.

Core77 is calling on you to design the next great consumer power tool. We’ve asked Brian Matt (Founder and CEO, Altitude, Inc.) to join in on the fun as this round’s guest judge. Grab your Sharpies, do your best Tim Allen impression and get cracking on the best power tool design you can hammer out in an hour!

Judging will be based on quality of presentation and whether or not your work could have realistically been done in 1 Hour (this is an honor system).

Publicity in Core77 May Newsletter, publicity on Core77 Blog, Bragging rights that Brian Matt chose your design (neener neener neener!)

Winner will be selected by Brian Matt and Core77 Admin. Community discussion is encouraged to help ensure the best design wins.

I am in agreement with RK on this one.

How about Love2Draw’s submission (1st one). Came very quickly after opening and feels very much like an old project.

Remember people, the 1HDC is not a forum for you to post old power tool projects. Yes, it has the possibility of being shown in front of many potential employers. But what those potential employers want to see is how well you can articulate an idea in an hour.

Most everyone on the board here knows what it takes to create a layout in an hour. What can and can’t be done. This is an honor system, but we’re also going to call BS here in the forums on it as well.

I agree they both have the old/partial project sitting around feel to them.

On a positive note, the Candy Jigsaw caption made my afternoon.

“what is better than a hunk jigsawing by the beach Or perhaps a babe jigsawing to lure other men with CandyJigsaw?”

Answer: nothing!

Hey all, Question…so are we shooting for corded/battery/solar etc. -powered tools, or is there leeway to go for manual tools here?? any thoughts?

We put down power tool but I am not opposed to manual.

What do others think? Should we keep manual tools open for a future 1HDC?

this might be right up my alley… considering i’ve worked in the trades/etc…

keep it as is. you said “powertools”.[/quote]

I saw “powertools” but just went with the “tool” category. I dont think it hurts to keep the doors open for submissions. I would think that you will see a better turn out if you keep it broad. Otherwise you might end up with 15 different drill submissions…

Whoa does adenniston’s idea look dangerous. It is the circular saw and router that can be set up on a table. I know I’ve see routers like that before, but I’ve also heard of some wicked accidents occurring with these types of tools. Well presented though.

Nice simple and fun brief IP… and Brian Matt as judge, nice!

HUMAN-powered power tools, sure why not, i suppose…?


Haven’t been in the forums for a while, nice to see the familiar faces, I posted something in the competition, The one hour time limit is very challenging, I work in a very fast paced - get it out the door environment, and this was still very challenging. Props for keeping this thing going, a little bummed there isn’t a physical, material award anymore, whatever happened to sponsorhip? Maybe a nice DEWALT flashlight…hint, hint…

Let me know what you guys think…I submitted AIR HAMMER

See you guys around.

Sorry I have been quiet on this one. My son’s been in the hospital with pneumonia. All is better now. Some great work as always! Not sure why, but I am always inspired on many levels by the work submitted.

Thanks for taking part!!!

I submitted a quick alias sketch/rendering, hope you guys liked it, I had fun!

Anyway, I have to call BS on Johnny S.

There is no way you can do that many rendering, plus modeling, plus layout, plus the actual design, in one hour.

great work guys. I’m bummed out as I just saw this. Oh well snooze and you…


great topic but really tough within 1 hour.

I’m looking forward next competition, I need now to practice my double click.

Thanks to all entrants.


benny, that sketch is still hot by the way!

It’s big, it’s brawny, it’s dude heaven! (No - not mud wrestling!) Power Tools! This month we challenged Core readers to flex their skills and design the next greatest piece of mechanical muscle in one hour or less. Together with guest judge Brian Matt of Altitude, Inc. we’ve narrowed it down to a selection that would make Tim Allen proud. Here are the results:

First Place: BennyBtl’s Air Force

Second Place: Mikeserafin’s Hacksaw

Third Place: Cash68’s Thor Chainsaw

From the desk of Brian Matt:

This tool platform certainly has modularity going for it. I really like the way so many feature snap onto one body. Sometimes I worry about multifunction tool being good at everything and not great any anything, but I think the designer selected just the right variations to illustrate the innovation. The design needs to be toned down quite a bit, but it has the right spirit.

Even though I didn’t see any “power” in this power tool, I am really drawn to this concept. The presentation is simple and the design is elegant. For a handsaw, it is packed with innovative features. I can really see myself using the flat side of the blade to scribe my cut line at either 90 or 45 degrees. It also has a scale for measurement. The pencil sharpener in the handle is genius. The handle looks simple and comfortable. The overall form is handsome. If the designer is taking orders, I’ll buy one today.

Thor Chainsaw
How can you go wrong with an outdoor power tool called Thor? Wow! This concept wreaks manliness. I think the intended audience will go nuts over this (makes me think of Tim on Tool Time going “arrgh…arrgh.” The design really complements the name. It looks like a hybrid between a reciprocating saw and a very unique chainsaw blade. This product really reads ‘electric’ with the shape and battery detail. I also don’t see a power cord or a pull start. The designer thought through many details such as a plunge feature on the blade, a safety switch on the protective handle, and a great place for the trigger."

Thanks Yo. I’m surprised! I really liked Cash68’s Thor by the way, sometimes it feels good to go a little overboard on the manliness…

Bennybtl…you made it to Gizmodo :wink: