1HDC 08.03 - Kick-Ass Speaker Submissions!

Please submit your kick-ass speaker design entry for the 1HDC 08.03 to this forum.


Slim desktop speakers
Made out of durable ABS plastic
3" speakers
Metal tubular base
Integrated with crystals that interact/vibrate when sound waves pass through.

I like big intimidating speakers. I figured a stiff heavy base (cast aluminum polished) would help decouple the sound transfer to the floor. The enclosure would be made of a composite shell that would be reinforced with a aluminum skeletal structure on the inside to stiffen up enclosure. And the front panel would be thick MDF that will be mounted flush with the outer edge of the enclosure and house two 8"woofers, two 6.5" mids, and a 1" or 2" tweeter per speaker. What you see below is one in ferrari red and one in piano black with a birds eye maple front panel.

This is a speaker that plays back wonderful classical music.

Some quick CV pulling, and an Alias screen grab.

Inside and outside design.
:laughing: :laughing:

Hopefully speaks for itself…

Music should be everywhere, so let it run wild with the help of this Bluetooth, pingpong ball sized speaker. It’s small enough to play with, juggle, stack up - transferring a boring desktop PC/desk into a fun playground.

Sold seperatly, users can build up a collection of little speaker balls :slight_smile:

balloon speakers…

900 MHz Wireless Speakers

Something for fun.

Here they come. This brief is an awesome form exploration opportunity, so I just decided to have fun with it. Inspired by various random sources, I did these 6 entries in 1 Hour… 10 minutes each (not including scan time…). They are all 6 thumbnail sketches, broken off into individual files, with a touch of photoshop over top.

great work…guys

Voila mes amis.

To set a second utility to a space consuming item is the primary element of this idea I had. Other than the natural feel of water splash shaped glass, the organic form allows to freely place any object and make it look as a part of the base element and not simply an object placed in a normal container waiting to be used.

Minimizing space consumption is also a goal here, using the surface the speaker is on as a sound amplifier allows to break the symmetry of having two speakers on a table. For me, symmetry is sometimes beautiful, but too technical and boring.

Technology, nature, useful, refreshing.

some of you may know the surface speaker technology:

15 hours sketching, a year of scanning and a whole era of photoshopping
total: 50 mins

(1Hour with the text)

pretty average but hey

Singing Vase & Pencil stand for desktop……

speaker earphones by b_t

Computer Speakers rendered in marker.

Speakers that attach to a monitor like a web-cam, reposition or off-center each speaker as desired. Surround your working environment with music.