1HDC 08.03 - Design some kick-ass speakers!

Doors open:
Thursday, May 23, 2008
10 AM PST (5 GMT)

Doors close:
Thursday, May 29, 2008
9 AM PST (4 GMT)

Design some kick-ass speakers!

I bet you have a set of computer speakers on your desk that resemble some form of a grey blob that cost you about $10 USD. Kurt Solland, VP of Design for Harmon International, has been doing everything he can to make that bet a long shot. For this challenge, Core77 invited Kurt to join the 1HDC as a guest moderator. (Did ya’ hear that?!) So we ask you to crank up the tunes and crank out your best spin on a computer speaker design with whatever means you can scratch together in an hour.

Judging will be based on quality of presentation and whether or not your work could have realistically been done in 1 Hour (this is an honor system).

Publicity in Core77 May Newsletter, publicity on Core77 Blog, Bragging rights that Kurt Solland chose your design (neener neener neener!)

Winner will be selected by the Kurt Solland and Core77 Admin. Community discussion is encouraged to help ensure the best design wins.

For those of you who may have missed it, here’s a great little interview of our Guest Moderator that inspired this month’s 1HDC:


posted 1 - a bit early i know but i love drawing speakers - hey we can enter more than one right? - it’s a slow day.

As many as you can handle.

I’m going to fire some in today…

for some inspiration, or disgust, have a look at


although certainly not 1 hour jobbies, nor desktop, but if you aren’t indoctrinated, high end audio companies invest tremendous amounts in design, all sorts of reasons, but effectively it’s diminishing returns principle as all high end audio equipment sounds pretty awesome, and your $50k - $1M better look impressive too.

I often study high end audio equipment for visual details. Ever wonder visual impact of X curve in Y material with Z details / color(s): it’s probably been done by some HEAudio designer, and good quality photographs are easy to find.

Great topic! I’m looking forward to practicing with the Wacom this weekend.

Love the soda can inspired one, simple and an interesting user interface

Not even two days in and we have some awesome entries!

Great work everyone!

ADD, you and some others on this forum constantly annoy me (in a very good way) with how you can maintain such precision and line weight freehand (please tell me that you didn’t draw that kidney bean freehand).

Thanks man. That was the first one I did. There was a soda can next to my laptop and I just thught it looked like the right scale, and weight to be on the desk… could scale it up for an under the desk sub woofer too…

Nice sketch Add!

Hopefully we will get some Jknodell’s in here soon! He is usually good for 2-10 ideas!

Have fun with it everybody. Don’t spend the entire hour on 1 idea. Loosen up and explore some sculptural form. That is what makes the JBL stuff so fantastic!

Design Quote of the Day:

“I feel really sorry for people who think things like soap dishes or mirrors or Coke bottles are ugly, because they’re surrounded by things like that all day long, and it must make them miserable.” Robert Rauschenberg

sweet designs Yo!

1 question, for other submissions, is it 1hour each or 1 hour total?

1 hour each… just giving myself an extra challenge to see how many I could do in an hour … :wink:

I might do a couple more if I get the time/motivation…

jna14 - those red speakers are smoov

me too if I have time I want to practice my sketching speed, so probably if I submit something else it will most probably just sketching with few photoshop shading.

For my first submission I thought I would use the last 10 mins that where left to comment my idea, since the idea behind the idea is part of the design process I thought I shouldn’t neglect that element.

Time to call a wee bit of BS…

I love the hairy speakers…but I am not convinced that those 6 story boards were done in an hour…

What say you, peers?

Oh… so it’s 1hour each…not 1 hour total… :open_mouth:

Does this take into consideration doodling time or is it purely final presentation dev time?

Could it be done in an hour? Maybe. Rough in some quick primitives (Laptop and pill shaped speaker main form), takes some screen caps, and then sketch on the hair. Could be done, but you would have to be very efficient with the time and know exactly what you wanted.

Some great stuff cam in today. Keep them rolling…

The idea is that you sit down, start the clock and one hour later you present what you have. You can use crayons, markers, pencils, Alias, 3DS, smoke signals, body paint…doesn’t matter what medium or what process you use. You present your best work in an hour.

In go 'round, we’ve had a slurry of hand sketches by Yo as his 1 hour presentation, we’ve had a rhino + bunkspeed preso from jna14 for his, and we’ve had a little bit of everything in between.

The premise is that an industrial designer needs to be able to translate an idea quickly. With the wide variety of presentation/illustration tools available, it allows for a huge variety of methods to translate your idea. No matter how the idea gets across, it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to make an idea clear to someone else.

What the 1HDC is intended to allow for is everyone to see how others go about it. See how they think. See the tools they use. See what skillz they have.

My suggestion, try not to get too wrapped up in the destination.

I agree if it were rougher than it is. I suppose its possible to already have a 3D model of the laptop and render it using a toon shader…but all in all it seems awefully tight for 6 panels and one hour.

Noelleon…care to shed some light on your process? Did you get this done in an hour? Can you explain it?