1HDC 08.02 - Submissions

Please submit your Olympic Torch Design(s) in this forum!

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The brief:

Doors open:
Monday, April 14, 2008
7 AM PST (2 GMT)

Doors close:
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

THE Olympic Torch

What’s not to like about the Olympic Torch? It’s a club with flames coming
out the top! A club with flames coming out the top that has the ability to
polarize and unite through its symbolism. Until recently, a new torch has
been designed every four years. Each Olympic Host City has the opportunity
to design a torch that represents the city and country in which the Olympics
will reside that year. An object of that magnitude must surely carry with
it one heck of a Design-by-Committee Gong Show.

Here’s your opportunity to design an Olympic Torch for the city of your
choice without Jacque Rogge going all Steve Jobs on you. ANY CITY GOES.
Pick your hometown, favorite vacation spot, a city with historical
significance, or a random city determined by dart throw. The torch design
should represent that city/country and the Olympics in general.

Judging will be based on quality of presentation, relevance to the Olympic
City and/or Country of your choice, and whether or not your work could have
realistically been done in 1 Hour (this is an honor system).

Publicity in Core77 May Newsletter, publicity on Core77 Blog, Bragging

Winner will be selected by the Core77 Admin. Community discussion is
encouraged to help ensure the best design wins.


Torch for any country where protesters might try to disrupt its transport.

Modeled with Pro/Engineer Wildfire. Rendered using Cinema 4D.

Here’s a little hometown love. I didn’t have an hour, but I think the idea is there. It should be filled with Schlitz, but any beer that will quench the runner’s thirst will do.

This may seem silly, but consider that Milwaukee is planning on erecting a commemorative statue honoring “the Fonz” from happy days. Seriously.

This is relevant to the Olympics because it helps the Olympics appeal to the “everyday joe.” I’ve heard that the Olympic audience shrinks every year.

Baltimore Torch 6 min.

Torch illuminates(pun intended) Baltimore city’s out of control heroine problem, and touches on how ridiculous the doping has gotten in the olympics.


This torch is a direct translation of Phoenix’s landscape and Flag. I traced the Gadsden Purchase in Illustrator and the lines are from the state flag with the texture of a cactus (sans needles) Enjoy!

Here’s a mock-up poster. Quick rocket ship in Rhino and Photoshopped the rest.

Since it’s possible there might be a human city on Mars in a couple hundred years. The torch is too big to be carried in relay by people. Rather, the torch is the vehicle in which the flag bearers ride from the last host city on Earth to the Martian colony. The sponsors: Virgin would provide the technology, Hilton would furnish the accommodations and Red Bull, because they like to be involved in high speed vehicles.

Purple People Design

Time: 40mins approx. (All done on Photoshop)

Imaging if the Olympic Games were not simply a marketing tool for multinational corporations, instead it brought people together through sports. What would it mean for the oil rich Niger-Delta region of Nigeria?

Perhaps at the very least it would call attention to the uncaring acts of certain oil companies.

The form of the torch is based on our currency design and the intricate patterns on basket weaving techniques common to the area.

This is Port Harcourt 2020; Welcome to the ‘Garden City’.

The Youngstown, Ohio Olympic Torch

Copy from Image:

Hidden beneath the layers of grime and decay that blanket this once thriving rust belt town in Ohio lies true pride and a working class spirit that is unmatched.

Pride for not only the products they created, but for the experience and attention to detail it took to create those products with a certain level of quality. That pride and emotion is captured within this Olympic torch.
You know it will work, just as it always has since the day it was created long ago. It symbolizes the rugged aesthetic of Youngstown as well as the working class “never give up” mentality of its citizens.

These traits can be attributed to any true Olympian; athletes who devote their lives to their sport and take pride not only in winning it all, but in the journey of training your body to do something it isn’t inherently designed to do.


Sheffield “Steel City” UK… Rusted steel outer sheath with a stainless steel body. This represents the harder exterior of the people of sheffield, which protects the inner modesty of the city and its people.

Please Click on Image to view in Full size…thanks.

new zealands where its at

What do you do with the Olympic runner’s torch after lighting the big one? You put it out safely with the extinguishing ball attached to the torch, which is in the shape of Mexico’s favorite 340-year-old game! But if you miss, it’s ok! Because the ball is on a string and attached to the torch!

1 hour

Nice JG_

I just wanted to sketch torches for a bit. Below is about 30 minutes of torch doodling… no city, no brief… just torches.

batmans actually a great volleyballer…many people dont know that

Announcing the Summer Olympics in…Detroit?!

jknodell, nice smoke stake design. Discolor the flame so it appears to have more of a sulfur looking burn and you got it.

Okay…probably my last entry… I wanted to go for a less “themed” look.

This would be for West Virginia as a whole. The attempt was to capture their often ugly and dirty history of coal mining and turn it into a beautiful object to represent the state.


christchurch… the garden city