1HDC 08.01 - Theft Proof Bicycles Discussion

I love the net idea. I am worried about materials though. Even if money is no object, I think it would be difficult to find something light and flexible enough to do as the designer is proposing.

having some knowledge about how easy and quick it is to cut a cable lock with a decent pair of bolt cutters, i’m immediately skeptical of most designs that rely on cables for security. but i do appreciate the entries that try to make up for this shortcoming such as warrior24seven’s audio alarm and jesse daniel’s ink spraying lock. i can also imagine the compo-net being frustrating to thieves depending on its construction. it could become a tangled mess of sharp wires once enough spots are cut.

I’m also partial to Jesse’s ink bike lock. Once a thief cuts one, he is likely not to attempt another. Easier to move onto a bike without a bunch of goop spraying out.

copenhagen and a few other cities in denmark have a similar concept and it works really well. it helps that already a big majority of the population bikes to work and in town, plus denmark is very flat. there are a number of bike stands in the city, and you put in a 20 kr coin to rent the bike and get the money back when you return it. just like a shopping cart at a grocery store. the bike are simple, fixed gear bikes, but also have racks for your stuff. i have no idea if they are even stolen, but i dont imagine it. there are much better bikes around to steal.

also, every bike sold in denmark come equipped with a lock. its a small pin that engages at the back tire through the spokes and is attached to the frame. it basically just makes it impossible to move the back tire. most often, these locks are the only thing used, (no locking to a post), and while there is theft, its amazing how much the socially conscious aspect of the society alone just seems to keep theft at bay.

heres some other public bike systems-



yeah they did something very similar to this in copenhagen recently too. at first all the bikes got stolen and stripped but after a while no one bothered cause they were worthless and the market was flooded so no one bothered stealing them anymore. im pretty sure the public bike share is still in place there.

the ink would be killer if it had a smell too. it would like be being sprayed by an octopus and a skunk at the same time.

Nobody ever considers accidentle activation, bystanders getting sprayed, or a easy deafeat by putting a plastic baggy over the lock…jeeze people user your F’ING heads for a change.

Smell would combat the simple plastic bag trick. Retail stores don’t seem to worry about the accidental activation when they put ink tags on expensive clothing… Jeez Zippy, maybe you could have entered the competition? Used your head that way?

maybe its just me, but ill take a bad or not so good idea over no ideas any day. :wink:


i think the ink one should win, just to spite this guy and his negative comments

Reviewing the submissions today. Now accepting bribes.

Oh, and I am in a pissy mood b/c Purdue lost to Xavier this weekend. Just had to get that in there.

I submitted 3 ideas, sans drawing free for use R and Y0

Pointing out flaws is part of the design process or are you of the era where if your breathing in and out on your own your get gold stars and put on the honnor roll?

yea, true zippy, but i think its more successful when you point out flaws constructively… rather than getting upset about it. also, its good to keep an open mind when looking at more “blue sky” concepts and then narrow from there… and not bash from the start. my thoughts.

not constructive.

going back to the ink spraying lock-

like yo, i don’t think there is any need to worry about accidental activation. there would probably be some collatoral damage to other bikes and the surrounding environment, but the chemistry of the ink could minimize the impact.

i do not think defeating the lock would be as simple as covering it with a plastic baggy. Firstly, the lock would be intertwined between multiple parts of the bicycle and a stationary object. Covering the lock would not be that easy. Secondly, the lock would still need to be cut, which would open up a hole in the bag for liquid to escape through. I’m sure there is a way around this, but I’m also sure there is a way to design a solution for that, as well.

what i like about this concept is that it fights back. most locks on the market and most (but not all) in the competition will only serve to deter the inexperienced and slow down the professionals. This one might make them think twice about whether the theft is worth it.

also, this was a 1 hour design competition so i wouldn’t expect it to be perfect. and it wasn’t even my entry, so i’ll let it be for now.

blue sky is fine, poorly thought out is a whole different kettle of fish.

I live in Barcelona, and the municipal bike system here has been in use for about a year now (bicing.com).

It actually works quite well, (some teething problems with over-subscription, and thus often you can´t find a station with a bike or a station with a space to park again), but its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The bikes themselves are nothing special, but they still get stolen and “pimped up” or “fixied”. It seems that a bike in Barcelona is a stealable/desirable item, and the only way to minimise the possibility that your two wheels get half-inched is to make them look as knackered and unsaleable as possible (think paint, old sut-up tyres wrapped around the frame, etc.)

It´s sponsored by ClearChannel (a controversial aspect of the system), and provided by the local council - you sign up for a year at a time, and receive a swipe-card to use at the stations.

do we bribe through paypal??

Ah I didn’t realize the bikes had to be paid for. We have something in the Netherlands called OV-fiets (public transportation bike) and it works about the same. Get a year subscription and you can get a bike at every trainstation for about 2 euros per use.

I thought real ‘white bike’ systems were based on non-paid free for everyone to use bikes, but that couldn’t be possible in this time :wink:

Something similar has been going on for cars lately, it’s called GreenWheels and there are these red Peugeot 206’s with green wheels that you can pick up with your membership card. Very nice!