1985 Segway scooter


Saw a review on either Top Gear / Fifth Gear / Automotive Magazine… I thought the idea was good but the design of it wasn’t. Perhaps because it was open and slow. Maybe when the wheel chair gets out dated, it will be introduced again.

Sir Clive claims his new vehicle will be a perfect runabout:
“It’s ideal for shopping, going to the office, going to school, any trip round town.”

And where does Sir Clive put the items he has shopped for?
In the limousine his chauffer is driving, perhaps.

Kids on motorized skateboards are hard enough to see. I almost hit one when he blew through an intersection against the light.

And that doesn’t even account for the fact that the adolescent brain at 16, is barely capable of comprehending the forethought needed to safely operate a motorized vehicle.

thankfully i am seventeen