1984, the movie, from 1984

I watched this the other night (got to love Netflix on demand for picking up some off beat stuff). I’m amazed I hadn’t seen it earlier, it is a fantastic movie. I’d read George Orwell’s book several times, and I thought this was an awesome adaptation. Of course some things always get cut out, and a few of the more subtle sub plots are gone, but overall it’s a great movie. So many other movies borrowed themes from this book, and in fact this book borrowed themes from Yevgeny Zamyatin’s 1921 book “We” and Ayn Rand’s 1938 book “Anthem”. “1984” is a play on the year 1948, the year the book was written, and was meant to be a commentary on how Orwell saw things developing at the time.

Sorry for the bad trailer:

This movie actually came out in 1984, the art direction is pretty great on it. I like the slow pace of it as well, it avoids the overlly heroic “V for Vendetta” or “Equilibrium” action twists on the theme, and instead stays with an everyday people in horrible situations feel, it’s a downer, but good.

Other movies of Note from that year were Footloose, Red Dawn, Amedeus, Children of the Corn, Ghostbusters, Gremlins, The Karate Kid, The Last Star Fighter, Revenge of the Nerds,Sixteen Candles, and Police Academy… some classics that year.

Yo, this is a really old school black and white film of 1984 made by the BBC in 1954 when people used to wear hats all the time. It’s worth it. Think I prefer it to the 1984 version, mainly because the acting is so out there.


Man, 1984 had some killer flicks that year! Ghostbusters! Yes!

I’ll have to Netflix 1984. I have read the book several times as well, and I didn’t know the movie version was out there. I’m a fan of similar books/films that deal with a bleak over-controlled, predicted future, Gattaca, Brave New World, Blade Runner, Minority Report, Metropolis, etc.

Reading this post reminded me of a movie we watched in high school alongside 1984. It’s called Brazil and was actually banned in Brazil, definitely worth watching. Brazil(1985) Trailer - YouTube

I’ll have to check this out. My favorite book is the Giver, but I haven’t even read 1984 yet.

@NURB. That is pretty much my favorite book/movie list as well. I think you will like this movie then.

@schuler. I love the dark humor of Brazil, and the deNiro cameo, but I can never get over the crap effects. I wish they were even crappier so it would be just funny (Monte Python style, I know this was directed by Terry Gilliam) or just better. I had no idea the movie was banned in Brazil! Why? That seems to make no sense, it wasn’t about Brazil!

@Cameron, what is the Giver about?

THX should also be on this list.

‘The Giver is a 1993 soft science fiction novel by Lois Lowry. It is set in a future society which is at first presented as a utopian society and gradually appears more and more dystopian; therefore, it could be considered anti-utopian. The novel follows a boy named Jonas through the twelfth year of his life. The society has eliminated pain and strife by converting to “Sameness”, a plan which has also eradicated emotional depth [s3x, color, violence, poverty, weather] from their lives. Jonas is selected to inherit the position of “Receiver of Memory,” the person who stores all the memories of the time before Sameness, in case they are ever needed to aid in decisions that others lack the experience to make. When Jonas meets the Giver, he is confused in many ways. The giver is also able to break some rules, such as turning off the speaker and locking his door.As Jonas receives the memories from the previous receiver—the “Giver”—he discovers how shallow his community’s life has become.’

I would recommend this book to anyone. It is concise (178 pgs), beautifully simple, and very visual - especially the parts about color and the memories. I also like the message.

Cool, thanks, I’ll check it out for sure. It’s on my list.

I love this book…however I haven’t watched the film yet.
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1984 was a great year for movies - some other classics were Spinal Tap, Repo Man, Blood Simple. Dystopia has always been cool. I will have to find time to watch this movie. I vaguely remember seeing something about this film back then, but I might be confusing it with the apple commercial. I’m really into Philip K Dick at the moment - just started reading Ubik.

A little bit of something to bring another layer to this conversation :wink:

PS: Is the YouTube embed code not working?

Good to see that sweet commercial again. The YouTube link worked for me. I’m in Safari 4 if that means anything.

Copy everything after “watch?v=” in the YouTube link to make it work.