1983 Saab 900 T16 Turbo

Just taking a moment on this Friday to appreciate the 1983 Saab 900 T16 Turbo… I love it.

All hail the Saab Tri-spoke wheels. In my opinion, the only car they look good on!

It is probably the best, but there are a few others where I think it worked :relaxed:

I saw one of the final year 9-3 wagons today. Hurts to think they are out of our lives…

Some people here like those nondescript minimal-type surfaces on cars, but to my taste it lacks depth. Also the world has moved on just like Dieter Rams is an inspiration but also a dinosaur *poke
Anyway talking about style is an endless discussion.

I do love that last convertible, so that’s the original Viper. With a slight update that would still look great on roads today.
Tri-spokes (tri-holes?) also worked for the Renault Gordini:

That original Viper is still a great looking car.

OP: Those body-colored skirts make it look kinda tacky…

I wonder what happened to the SAAB IP? Who owns the OG designs, like the 900 or the URSAAB? What happens usually in these cases?

DNA collectibles is making a scale model available of the 9000CS!