1967 Dodge Viper

I don’t know how much I like the final concept, but I really dig this guy’s project. Imagine what a '67 Viper would look like!

This concept for another product might make a good 1HDC too. hmmm…

Done. :laughing:

Great exercise! Sort of has that 60’s Cobra Daytona Coupe and Chevy Cheetah vibe about them.


I agree its a great idea.
The final images are very nicely rendered.
I don’t think the shape is quite right though.
The Viper has such a big nose.
This version is definitely too light in the front to claim heritage to the Viper.

Several years ago I had a vision in my mind of a Speed Racer movie, as a spoof, inhabiting the same style as The Incredibles (but with the ridiculous rapid fire dialog from the OG cartoons).
This car would have fit right in. :smiley:

I’m pretty sure the Daytona Coupe is the 67 Viper.

If you’re comparing it to the GTS, I’d agree fully.

But lets not forget that the first Viper was a full out roadster, ala the Cobra. Plus the Viper was soft and curved, this guys design was way to sharp and pointy Ala the Vette/Stingray.

So by all means, the 1967 Viper was still one of these. :laughing: