17th February Double design pack...

here is a couple of deisgns I put together for the 17th february double Michael Jordan and Adriano (brazilian soccer star) birthday.

The Air Jordan XXI are the final evolution of the concept I presented for Kicksguide contest, check also pietro pellicelli, #FOOTWEAR DESIGN/ENGINEERING in Modena, Italy for further views.
They are based on a 3d phylon perfed chassis for maximum control, cushioning and breathability. The chassis also houses IPS system and is extended even at the bottom of the shoe where rubber parts are limited only in the key area while smaller rubber studs (like track&field shoes studs) will provide 3d grip and added cush effect.

The Jumpman Gollasso are my first attempt to design soccer shoes, I made them because it will cool to see a celebrative Jordan Brand shoe at the upcoming World Cup Soccer in Germany…and I think Adriano, given his birth date and oncourt amazing skills, will be the perfect testimonial to wear these!
They feature an exposed goretex green chassis (for water proof breathability) covered by tenjin leather panels.

Comments are welcome as usual
ciao MC [pietro]

Nice renderings.

On the BBall shoe. I like the swiss cheese part. Looks pretty intriguing, Could be a cool traction/support element.

I’d like to see some more thought process though (You show a bit on the corefolio I know) but why leopard print? What is that big triangulated piece of plastic on the heel? What are the black stripes on the upper and why don’t they act as integrated webbing loops or something instead of just aesthetic. I think there are many nice ideas, but right now it looks a little more Nike than Jordan.

Soccer boot.

Need to see more views, but looks pretty conservative, but well done.

On both of these I think you should take the jumpman off and ask yourself what brand they look like?

I agree, nice renderings. Seems a little adidas+puma-ish as opposed to nike.

Thanks for feedback!

The leopard print was initially brought in already for the kicksguide version.
At first I selected the yellow as a secondary color because it gives the idea of enthusiasm, which was the ingredient I was trying to bring back to the Jordan line, just like a new beginning after the celebrative XX model (which I’ve later learned was also the idea of D’Wayne Edwards who designed the real XXI).

So yellow for enthusiasm. Then from yellow to leopard it has been a short step since it took in a certain “wild” factor that was very close to my feel for a new Jordan era. Plus animals, from time to time, have been elements of Jordans…elephant print (III), black cat (XIII), mamba snake (XIX)…so leopard for speed and elegance…

BTW, when I made the final Kicksguide version, I removed the leopard since hearing from people that MJ was going to sleeker and more classy things, they almost convinced me…infact inside of me the leopard was ready for a comeback…

Then the final KG version, without leopard, had a few good ideas but I felt they needed to be made more organic and consistent, so I reworked them. At that time I received my copy of “Driven from within book”…MJ speaks clearly about the Jordan 1 “ugly” colorblocking and then about how he selected the cromatic dress for the bikes of his motor-racing team.
…the leopard had to come back, I was still feeling it and plus that words inspired me to finish the whole shoe.
After all I thought that I didn’t have to think at MJ actual age to design his shoes, since he doesn’t play anymore (…into the NBA…). His shoes hopefully will be there even when he will be 60 yeras old …

So even if this is a long story, it’s a good part of the story of my XXI design…

Then the triangular part is just a top secret :slight_smile: heel fit customization device…and the black plastic strips are actually the lace loops.

About the branding…well it’s tough for me to give an answer since I designed both of them as Jordans…I’m sure the soccer boot colorway (Brazil national team) could take away from Jordan…but a more traditional white/black/grey cw wiil be better…I could post it soon…
But the question stays alive and I need to reflect about it…

Ciao and thanks again
MC [pietro]

What’s up Pietro ! Nice renderings as usual !
One thing on the football shoe - man, you really don’t need that piece of the outsole on the front of the shoe . You need these area as clear as possible so your kicks will have the desired direction . This piece of outsole extended over the upper will make the shot not as preciese as a player would want it to be … Just my thoughts , despite great job on the coloring ! Love that Brasilian stuff ! Ole !

good renderings as mentioned, but i would also like to see more of the process and your concepts you went through and thinking involved.

outta the two i like the bball shoe most. looks most developed and interesting integration of design, colors and material suggestions. im really feeling the midsole/outsole idea with the support wrap and punched holes. depending how you do it, it might be a bitch to mold, or require different pieces on the upper and outsole jsut to produced, but nice style.

…ill just drop some quick comments on the soccer shoe, and leave the bb shoe details for those with more experience in the area.

overall, a good first try at a soccer shoe. i can defeintely see that you have more expereince with the bball category as there is lots more details and reality in the design. keep up the good wok though- you’ll for sure improve the more you do!

some thoughts to help,

i would suggest checking your proportions. i can see its supposed to be somewhat vapor like in shape, but looks very fat and the collar line very high. also the toebox seems like theres too much volume in there.

particularly, check your collarline shape. either the whole thing is way to high and it would rub on the ankle bone, or based on the back height (usually somewhere around 80mm inside measurement from the top of the heel to the tuck board), would be way too low and it wouldnt correctly wrap around the heel cuboid to keep your foot in. detail, i know, but goes a long way in communicating the appropriateness of the deisgn. especially when you are showing such a final rendering. if it was a sketch, less important.

chcek some other soccer outsoles and i think you’ll find that there are usually more studs. at least 4 at the back and anywhere from 8 or more in the forefoot. definitely an important thing for good traction! as well, as someone has mentioned, i would also think that the toebumper detail of the outsole coming up in the forefoot is unecessary and cant think of any reason for it. it would just add lots of weight and inteferre with the touch.

upper material
goretex is usually a lining material and waterproof barrier. do you mean to indicate that there is a mesh in the green area? im not so sure about the appropriateness of it as it would get pretty dirty. the waterproof lining is a good idea, but maybe not needed if you have a waterproof type of upper like synthetic or the WR Premiership goat skin like we at hummel are using now on our soccer shoes.

you mention teijin, but also say leather. i assume you mean a synthetic leather microfibre like used on the vapor?

overall, quite simple, and close to some existing shoes. i could imagine more of a design difference if you are taking a non-soccer brand for influence… i do like the quilting though.

how does the lace cover work? velcro? a good idea like the f50s, but sometimes difficult to execute given the flex needs of a boot, and ensuring there isnt too much bulk in material with all the cover, laces, velcro, lining, etc.

i could see more integration of the jordan logo/brand into the design. the jordan logo is a great logo to work with. maybe feature it more rather than just stick it on a blank spot…

anyhow, keep up the good work!i hope you post some more pics!



Like R said, proportions on the soccer boot look off. I’m sorry if I sound like a broken record, but proportions are so important, not just the shape, but the collar heights and throat openings too. What makes them look even more off is how beautifully proportioned the basketball shoe is. Great job proportionally there. I suggest buying some Mercurial Vapors, T90’s or OK, maybe even something from another brand, and just studying it.

Conceptually, I do not think it is that far fetched. It is possible Jordan could sign an elite athlete in any sport, just like they did with Baseball, Boxing and Football.

…you said details…man this goes really far from what I was expecting as a feedback!!! You covered all the points, thank you for spending so much time for me!

Soccer boot:

  • proportions: right on point, in fact a couple of months before designing these I went to a sports shop and actually I’ve checked out both adidas (new wht/gold model) and nike mercurial. Your words make me think that they actually looked (as a shape) more like track&field sprint shoes rather than cushioned running shoes. My big fault!

  • outsole: my idea was to add some support since Adriano uses mercurials for games but I’ve seen pics of him at training while he wears more traditional shoes (Tempo premier?) so I’ve thought he’d need little more protection and stabilty. The cupsole on forefoot is somehow taken from indoor soccer shoes, I thought that if it doesn’t bother them it should not bother outdoor players…it was just my early thought though, I’ve asked your help and I listen very carefully to what you say!

  • upper material: yeah it is mesh on the outside…Is there a way to make a mesh using different materials and weaving techniques in order to make it water proof, breathable and almost anti-dirt??? I’ve thought to some sports jacket material that seems also very durable…feet position is much more dangerous than upper body, though…
    Then, yeah, it’s not leather but syntetic microfibre…I used the leather word to say it was the other portion of the shoe besides mesh/goretex part, my english sometimes is far from perfect…
    At the end I must say the materials lesson is one I still have to attend, especially in soccer! I have to study it.

  • desgn: my choice was motivated to create well defined color blockings so that shoe could be noticed on TV, since I thought it as launch shoe for Jordan Brand in soccer. This is why I’ve tried to stay simple and it’s even the reason why the logo is so big in the center of a yellow field. I just explained this to make you understand my path, but your points are good anyhow, so I will think about them when reworking on these shoes!

Basketball shoe:
If you would like to see a little more details about it check this out:http://www.kicksguide.com/articles/featured/pietro/peterflight-my-experience.asp
where you can find a shortened version of my portfolio and a few tables on my version of Air Jordan XXI…

Thank you very much again!!!

Yo: believe me I really feel all of you guys about proportions…they are the canves were structures, details and style are placed over…if it’s wrong shaped, everything you put on it could be wrong as a consequence!
So I will take care!


Cool, keep doing your thing.

The Mercurial is an amazing statement in minimalism, not just aesthetically, every part on that shoe has either a dual purpose, or eliminates several other parts. It is a true statement in footwear design, not just pushing lines or inventing problems to be solved. I love it, and keep a cut up one at my studio to study. I would recommend the same (though they are a bit expensive retail aren’t they…)

…I’m going to dig into this theme…

here is piece I’ve found on the net: http://illumin.usc.edu/article.php?articleID=131&page=1
Seems pretty interesting…

Later I will try put everything in an improved design…