17 years of The Directive Collective

The 17 year anniversary of my design consultancy, The Directive Collective popped up on LinkedIn over the weekend and I honestly had to double check the math! I couldn’t believe it has been so long!

I’ve now technically spent half my life in footwear design. I’m 46 and have been doing footwear for 23 years!

I’ve put together a few thoughts on the anniversary and what I’ve learned over the years. Some touches on footwear but most are general design or business principles.

Happy to hear from anyone else who has been running their own consultancy.



Before I read any further I do sincerely congratulate and do salute you “Sir”. As I am only approaching 5 years of “entrepreneurship” with my own gig and hope that we make it, alright.

Will check back, after when I have read and thought.

Thanks @mo-i Congrats to you too on 5 years!

I think if you can get to 5 you can keep it going. Figuring if the lifestyle and hustle of doing your own thing is certainly the hardest part and you either get it or not in the first few years.

I look forward to your comments on the post.