16 candels - uh er 32 candles - tell me friends, can you

what the crap…

someone auta learn these folks a thing er 2

and from now on, sugar will be replaced with dog crap in all
chocolate bars, can you belive this blasphemy ???

There is gonna be a t.v sequel of 16 Candles called “32 Candles” it’s gonna be on USA Network and Molly Ringwald and Anthony Micheal Hall are already on board. As unlikely as it sounds, according to Aint it Cool, Molly Ringwald will star in “32 Candles”, a sequel to 80’s hit “16 Candles”. According to a scooper for the site, Anthony Michael Hall is also back on board.

The report says :

USA Network is currently wrapping up the development of a 16 Candles sequel called…erm…32 Candles. Seriously. After cleaning the vomit from my lap, I learned the “plot”, thin as it is, this is all I was able to find out, so here goes:

Molly Ringwald (she’s on board for sure, and her attachment is kinda vital, I suppose) moves back to her hometown, and starts pining away (very vague, I know) for her boyfriend Jake, who she apparently followed to college. It didn’t work out for reasons I’m still not aware of, and she subsequently lost touch with him.

Anthony Michael Hall, the triumphant hero rolls in, now a multi-millionaire vis-a-vis inventing some god**** fancy-dancy search engine (‘like Google’ is how it was described to me) and…apparently hilarity ensues?

I know that’s a pretty thin description, but it’s all that I could pry, and I’m not sure that the original actor that played Jake is on board… but Molly and Anthony are ready to go when this thing begins production. Hot tip, I know, boy.

P.S. And NO, I have no idea about Long Duck Dong’s possible involvement. This would be probably be top god**** secret, as I’m sure you can understand, people.

some people just should not be allowed to
have jobs and make the rest of us turn in our graves

there going to ruin what little good
is left of the 80’s

can’t they just make a good film and move on with it ?


Gedde Watanabe is huge!

Alfie (2004) (post-production) … Mr. Wing
On the Couch (2004) … Charlie
Kim Possible: The Secret Files (2003) (V) (voice) … Professor Bob Chen
L.A. Law: The Movie (2002) (TV) … Cyril
Slackers (2002) … Japanese Proctor
… aka Complices, Les (2002) (Canada: French title)
Thank You, Good Night (2001) … Cafe Owner
Edtv (1999) … Greg
… aka Ed TV (1999) (USA: poster title)
Guinevere (1999) … Ed
Armageddon (1998) (uncredited) … Asian Tourist
Mulan (1998) (voice) … Ling
“ER” (1994) TV Series … Nurse Yosh Takata (1997-)
Psycho Sushi (1997) … Yoshi
Booty Call (1997) (uncredited) … Chan
Nick and Jane (1997) … Enzo
That Thing You Do! (1996) … Play-Tone Photographer
Perfect Alibi (1995) … Det. Onoda
… aka Where’s Mommy Now (1995)
Boys on the Side (1995) … Steve
… aka Avec ou sans hommes (1995) (France)
Count On Me (1994) (TV)
Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990) … Mr. Katsuji
“Down Home” (1990) TV Series … Tran
Spring, The (1989) … Matty
UHF (1989) … Kuni
… aka Vidiot From UHF, The (1989)
“Sesame Street” (1969) TV Series (uncredited) … Hiroshi (1988)
… aka “Amis de Sésame, Les” (1969) (Canada: French title)
… aka “Canadian Sesame Street” (1969) (Canada: English title)
… aka “New Sesame Street, The” (2002) (USA: new syndication title)
… aka “Open Sesame” (2001) (New Zealand: English title: new syndication title)
… aka “Sesame Park” (1969) (Canada: English title)
“Gung Ho” (1986) TV Series … Kaz Kazuhiro
Vamp (1986/I) … Duncan
Gung Ho (1986) … Kazihiro
… aka Working Class Man (1986)
Volunteers (1985) … At Toon
Sixteen Candles (1984) … Long Duk Dong

How many times have you been on Sesame Street?

That’s what I thought!