15 Corporate Logos That Contain Subliminal Messaging

You may be surprised at some you hadn’t caught.

Hadn’t thought about some of those, like amazon, but didn’t have to look twice at any to see “it”.

I felt kinda stupid when I noticed I had missed the human in the Fair Trade logo all these years… thought it was some kind off yinyang mixed with a bird skull… until I saw it in simplified b&w…

Every few years someone updates that list - thanks for linking the latest.

And for some reason, AppleBees seems more appealing now, but only for a late night snack! :wink:

I think I missed most of them, except for FedEx. I like the A to Z on the amazon logo.

The Amazon A to Z has been known for some time. The Amazon “subsidiary” in California that designs the Kindle product line is called Lab126, for the 26 letters in the English alphabet.

I dunno if I would call these subliminal. They are meant to be seen.


The dancing bear wasn’t so obvious.

Business logos shared are good… especially I like the one Baskin Robbins and Vaio… That was good…