14sf//v03 - portfolio

here is the new version of my site.
not all of the projects are finished but the good ones will load.
check it and let me know what you think…
mainly the way you move from project to project.

I have some issues with it, aside from what you stated about projects not loading.

Maybe it’s becuase i’m viewing it on a 26" screen at 1280x768, but I feel like i have to keep track of what i’m mousing over and then look over to read what it is. The buttons themselves, sans, mouseover give little hint as to what they are, if someone came to your site to specifically look at a particular work, they’d have to mouse over alot of icons before they found what they were looking for. Also imagine trying to explain where to click to a client over the phone.

The fade in animation is nice enough.

I like the visual simplicity of it, but the irony is that you have concise, detailed, text on the about page and the navigation is anything but.