13mm lime green acrylic sheeting

I am looking for a supplier of 1/2" Translucent lime green Acrylic Sheeting.
I saw it on a motorbike windshield…

Any suggestions?

Acrylite makes a line of Pastel Ice color Acrylic sheets. Not sure all available thicknesses. It’s the Acrylite GP colors. CYRO I think is a distributor I know of. Maybe check their site.

There is a green and my sample chip tag is:
Acrylite GP P-95 Pastel Ice Color 5143-8 Green

It’s sort of lime / florescent green… the edges will glow under light.

Acrylite GP:


http://www.cyro.com/Internet/Home.nsf/Main2!OpenPage -click the Radient link…

.pdf documentation:


Hope that helps you…