13"x19" portfolio and sleeves

Does anyone know where i can find 13"x19" portfolios or sleeves?

By 13"x19", i mean 13"x19"… not 19"x13". It must be the horizontal/landscape format. I’m having a hard time finding any 13"x19" portfolios, so if there is no such thing, than i can build my own; But ill need 13" piano hinges, again, does anyone know of a place i can find those? And also 13"x19" sleeves? where can i findies…


Couldn’t tell you where to get a 13x19, obscure if it exists. Same with the sleeves. Try dick blick or other art/design suppliers. Piano hinges work, I’ve made several custom ones with them. They come in standard lengths but are easily cut to length with a hacksaw, just keep the cut clean and watch out for burrs and jagged cuts. lots of luck.

Google “super A3 portfolio case”.

m32ad, where do you think i could get piano hinges, Home depot? hardware store? and since landscape versions dont exist, and for a good reason, im going portrait style, so i need a 19" - 20" piano hinge.

Any hardware store should have piano hinges in several different colors/finishes. They’re not expensive either and they mostly go by the meter.

yeah, any hardware store should have them. check online at woodworking catalog sites like Rocklers (www.Rockler.com, search “piano”) for more finishes and materials.

just wondering what type of portfolio Ur putting together. For design people are going with smaller sizes 8.5 x 11. as an alternative or supplement to your digital version.

Just curious, because I have an 11x14 I developed a few years ago upon graduating from undergrad…I used it for a few interviews, but it just wasn’t the right feel.

I have always been told that 8.5 x 11 is too small and never to go below 11x 14. Just a thought.

8.5 x 11 for a leave behind is perfect.

Anything larger is too hard to store.

Regarding the large piano hinge portfolio… I’m not saying scrap it - but make sure it doesn’t overpower the work being shown inside it.

I’ve seen lots of people make the mistake of over-designing their portfolio, both physically and graphically, and it has ended up detracting from their work.