13" Wacom Cintiq HD or 24" HD Touch for ID?

Im a industrial designer 3rd student as well as photographer and thinking of upgrading my intuos4 to Cintiq - 13" HD or 24" HD touch. What are your thoughts on that?

Go big if you can afford it.

I got a 19" yiynova. I like how i can sit and draw upright as opposed to hunched over like on a traditional sketch book.

IMO the 13" is too small. At that point I would almost rather forfeit the quality of the Cintiq and go for a completely mobile tablet solution.

The 24HD is massive, and if you have the bank go for it.

The intermediate option is look around for a used 21UX/22HD. Almost the same useful area as the 24" but a smaller and more easily maneuvered display. The 24HD does not rotate, the 21/22" do.

Depends what you want to use it for, and the format for creating your work.

I have a 24HD (not touch) and love it - it represents basically an 11x17 sheet of paper in a 1:1 size. Most of the concept work I and my office creates is in that format. I love all of the working space available to me.

The size is big - no kidding you there. It takes up a lot of table space. But it is a fantastic unit. I also appreciate the size as I can rest my wrists/arms on the cintiq when working on it so I don’t feel like I’m hovering over the surface, the way I sometimes do on my smaller office 21" Cintiq.

The desk mount/adjustment for the 24HD is great - it allows you to bring it right down to the edge of your desk and even off/below the edge to get it lower and closer to where you are sitting.

Just my $0.02.


@dc_design and @Cyberdemon - are you guys having any problems with adobe software like PS or illustrator? I love touch gestures and would love to get the 24" touch as compared to 22" and keep rotating it with cables. I’m planning to replace my 2nd 27" iMac (late 2009) which I just use as secondary display with Cintiq 24". I’m using intuos4 but hate getting back to the keyboard or keep rotating small circle button just to increase the pens size or rotate the canvas. Doing a 3d modeling is even more pain in a butt. Being able to rotate, increase brush size and more by using my 2nd hand which is free anyway lol is for me massive time saver and would speed up my workflow. I do edit photos, sketch and draw as well as sculpture models in 3d softwares for example…

I personally always leave my left hand on the keyboard for hot keys anyways. I also use the hot keys on the Cintiq for some basic functions if needed. Sketchbook is designed pretty well to let you use either the marking menu functionality or on screen UI. Photoshop I generally have to use the keypad but I only use photoshop for re-touching, not sketching.

I can see touch being useful for Windows 8 going forward given how reliant it is on gestures.


Hopefully I’m understanding your question right;

I use Photoshop and Illustrator religiously without any problems. The key for me was to set up a custom set of controls for each app for the buttons/surfaces on the Cintiq. I use the toggle buttons to select brush size, zoom and rotate, and then use the track surface accordingly.

At first, I did miss the ability to physically rotate my 24hd the way I can rotate my 21", but I got past that.

I have gotten used to using my left hand to control those settings and touch surface while my right hand does the work. Combine that with some button choices for the stylus, and I don’t need to use my keyboard anymore.


Touch with mac osx to me is essential speaking from using touchpad religiously. I’m consistently flickering between desktop windows, screens, shuffling programs etc. can’t live without touchpad. Thinking - having touch interface built into Cintiq could even remove the need of using touchpad. And that would be a deal breaker to me.

I see. Just wonder what stopped you from buying the 24" touch one?

I have the 24" cintiq, and after buying a Surface Pro I barely use the big tablet. A surface Pro is going to cost about as much as a 13" cintiq but it’s an actual computer too. Might be worth looking into.

Hate windows mate. I’m Apple all in with few MacBooks/iMacs/iPads/iPhones. Would never touch anything else…


The only thing keeping me from buying the 24HD Touch was cost - I found a great deal on a almost new 24HD from Craigslist, and couldn’t justify spending another grand for a new touch.

That being said, if I tried one first, I may have fallen in love…


I see I see. Well if I sacrifice one iMac and and $1500 - this big buddy and me will get together and who knows… Maybe we will become a couple one day. Let me tell you this: if I make step 1, i normally do make step 2.

Buying Cintiq to have natural sketch ability is one thing. Adding multitouch is another. Both combine makes Cintiq a complete tool to me. Can’t imaging rotating small wheels to adjust things or turning the whole thing to rotate etc. If Cintiq meant to help me - nothing can come between me and the device in terms of interaction. Less buttons the better. More intuitive the better. More touch gestures the better. It has to be extension of my mind and soul not hands. Design around me in mind. And i think the touch model gets quite close. Extension of my hands would turn Cintiq to a manual device which i can have by buying intros pro (having 4 at the moment).

IMO the limitation isn’t going to be the touch functionality of the screen, it’s the touch functionality of the software you use. Most software is not touch optimized, even the Mac trackpad gestures are useful but limited.

Hate windows mate. I’m Apple all in with few MacBooks/iMacs/iPads/iPhones. Would never touch anything else…

Then what do you use to pump out CAD models? :wink:

Been playing with rhino for cad work. Love new Modo 801 with gigs of add ons. Wonder if it has Cintiq touch gestures enabled

I think the 13" is just too small. It’s too small as a secondary monitor and cramped for drawing. I personally think Cintiq’s make no-so-great secondary monitors. They are great drawing tools, but I see them as just that.

Your main concern seems to be touch support (specifically gestures). It’ll come down to applications, but I’d check through their user manual to see what’s supported.


Sorry mate but the link is broken

Sorry mate but the link is broken

My guess is you’re outside the US? It works for me. I put a copy in my Dropbox. See if that works. If not, I’d just Google for their Gesture Guide.

Thanks. Just got confirmation from Wacom direct via their Facebook of what program’s are supported.

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