13 Ugliest Phones of the Mobile Era

Oh, man! I was hoping to make this list!

I nominate The Street for one of the 13 most dated websites of all time. Time for a refresh guys.

Yeah, somehow I couldn’t get it how the Kin and the 3rd LG phone were ugly ones, tbh…

I mean, I’ve seen worse.

So… where is the list? That website is a complete usability failure… where do I look? Where do I click?

Apparently, ads, links to other content I’m not interested in and social network links are more important than directing the user to what he came there to read. I closed the tab and never want to go back.

@eobet » They’re more into getting hits/showing ads than presenting the content in a sensible way unfortunately. You have to click through 13 pages (one for each phone) to see the list. Needless to say, I didn’t bother… I never do when content is this poorly presented (and not that important).

Besides, the Nokia shown on front page was the “winner”…

Sone ericsson t61z was the only one I would consider truly UGLY on that list.

The boxy shape of the Kin almost assured Microsoft’s phone failure.

Thank god Apple has stuck with bulbous organic forms.

I like how most of the commentary is about how the features were worthless, or the phones were too big or awkward. Very little about what makes them ugly. It should be, “13 phones that this author dislikes the most”.

ip: I don’t know if I should say that you were robbed or congratulate you for missing out on this list!

That photo doesn’t do it justice!

“The Voq’s unfinished-looking design didn’t do it any favours either.” :laughing:

Now you’re just rubbing it in :wink:

The irony of it was that we were done with the next generation product that was designed by fuseproject. I have the cosmetic model still sitting here on my desk. I was laid off in 2005 because of the closure of this project 2 weeks before first article was to be released for testing. It would have been, at the time, a fantastic device and a light-year improvement over the above product.

Man, I have stories about that program :S

So that’s where you know Fuseproject from! Wow…wish I could have seen that.

I like the idea of the fold out keyboard, but that thing definitely looks designed by committee. Although, I can’t believe they were sued over that phone. Wow, investors can be so stupid sometimes.

Judge not lest ye be judged in full effect.

…but alas he is at Bloomberg News now

Wonder what the genesis of this “piece” was… seems like they spent as much time on it as I spent reading it (minus time spent navigating through “the street”)

I actually like this one :slight_smile:

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